Although no official look for the character has been shared yet, fan art by Davi Alves imagines what Anya Chalotra would look like as Circe in Creature Commandos.

Shared onto X by Alves, the artwork — which is done in an old comic book cover-style — sees Chalotra as the infamous sorceress, clad in a rather sensual green and gold ensemble, with her hair being colored purple like Circe’s is in the comics, while sitting down and seemingly looking at the viewer. Alves is no stranger to the DC Universe, as he had previously done fan posters for the characters from Superman: Legacy, including Superman himself, which caught the attention of Legacy writer-director and DC Studios co-president and co-CEO James Gunn.


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Going back to Chalotra, Gunn recently confirmed that the actor would indeed be playing Circe after being asked about a report from November claiming that that was the case, stating, “Yes [it’s true], Andthere are other cool characters in the show played by other cool actors. But all of the series regulars were announced.”

Moving the spotlight over to one of the eponymous characters, Eric Frankenstein actor David Harbour touched upon playing Eric in 2023. “The most interesting thing to me about Frankenstein’s monster in general is that he was created to be this sort of erudite, intellectual, romantic, brilliant person, and he winds up being a monster,” avowed Harbour. “I mean, that complexity can make for some pretty ripe comedy and also pathos—that a guy who considers himself one thing, is viewed by others as something very different.”


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Harbour further noted at the time that he thought Creature Commandos is “really fun and really exciting,” and opens up “a whole new door to the DC Universe of how these characters will occupy the world,” concluding that he likes the idea of a live action and cartoon back and forth. On the topic how Eric will be portrayed in the former format, Harbour commented that he’s down for prosthetics.

Concerning how long he’d stay in the role of Eric, Harbour remarked, “If you don’t want to do it, I don’t think they’re gonna make you do 20 movies. But I think it’s something where I just love these worlds so much that it’s a joy to do and a joy to work with someone so creative. So, if they want me to do eight to 10 years of this, I feel like I’ll check my schedule, but I’ll try to free up some time.”

Creature Commandos is slated to premiere on Max in late 2024.

Source: X

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