DC Comics is entering the anime scene with Suicide Squad Isekai, partnering with Wit Studio, known for works like Ranking of Kings, Spy x Family, and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. The squad is embarking on a new mission in a different world. In addition to a fresh trailer, new details reveal the full lineup of this Squad iteration and the voice actors involved.

The team consists of Harley Quinn (voiced by Anna Nagase from Summer Time Rendering), Deadshot (Reigo Yamaguchi from Eminence in Shadow), Peacemaker (Takehito Koyasu from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), Clayface (Jun Fukuyama from Blue Exorcist), and King Shark (Subaru Kimura from Jujutsu Kaisen). Amanda Waller is back as their leader. While not part of the team directly, the Joker plays a role, voiced by Yuichiro Umehara from Goblin Slayer.  

The recently released trailer not only tantalizes anime enthusiasts with a closer glimpse into the Suicide Squad’s inaugural Isekai adventure but also delivers the news that the series is slated for release this year. A sense of urgency is palpable as the Squad navigates a new fantasy realm, their fates intricately tied to explosive devices implanted in their skulls, adding a layer of suspense to their escapades.

Warner Bros, in detailing the upcoming anime project, introduces Suicide Squad Isekai as a venture where DC’s iconic figures—Harley Quinn, the Joker, and The Suicide Squad—unleash chaos upon the stage of ISEKAI. This original anime series, a collaborative effort between Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, promises an epic and violent fantasy, enriched by the creative prowess of top-tier anime creators.

The term “ISEKAI,” denoting ‘another world,’ has become a hallmark of contemporary Japanese anime. Suicide Squad Isekai thrusts these well-known characters into a realm where reality and fantasy collide, establishing a captivating narrative premise.

Looking forward to a Suicide Squad anime?

“}]] Suicide Squad Isekai promises an epic and violent fantasy, enriched by the creative prowess of top-tier anime creators.  Read More