DC Comics‘ April releases will feature special variant covers drawn by Jim Lee during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee originally auctioned off sketches in April 2020 to help comic stores during the COVID-19-related industry shutdown that saw the shipment of physical comic books stopped. Lee’s sketches raised funds for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops during unforeseen emergencies. DC also donated $250,000 to comic retailers and their employees during the pandemic. And, as reported by ICv2, DC is releasing the sketches in full color as variant covers for comics throughout April, including Batman #146, Nightwing #113, Superman #13 and more.


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Written by CHIP ZDARSKY Art by JORGE JIMENEZ Cover by JORGE JIMENEZ Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 2


Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by SIMONE DI MEO Cover by SIMONE DI MEO Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 9


Written by MARK WAID Art by DAN MORA Cover by DAN MORA Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 16


Written by KELLY THOMPSON Art by JAVIER PINA Cover by LEONARDO ROMERO Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 2


Written by TINI HOWARD Art by CARMINE DI GIANDOMENICO Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 16


Written by RAM V Art by JAVIER FERNANDEZ Cover by EVAN CAGLE Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 23


Written by TOM TAYLOR Art by VARIOUS Cover by BRUNO REDONDO Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 16


Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by RAFA SANDOVAL Cover by RAFA SANDOVAL Variant Cover by JIM LEE On sale April 16

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Earlier this year, Titans Beast World saw DC unveil the first of the “Trinity of Evil” with Amanda Waller at the center of the action. The “Trinity of Evil” is part of the Dawn of DC publishing initiative that promises to bring big storylines with major consequences for the DC Universe in 2024.

Jim Lee’s special variant covers will be released throughout the month of April by DC Comics.

Source: ICv2

“}]] Jim Lee’s sketches for a COVID-19 fundraiser will become variant covers of DC’s April comic book releases.  Read More