David Corenswet’s Superman suit features iconic red trunks, a classic element missing from Henry Cavill’s costume.
The DCU Superman reboot suit has a brighter blue tone compared to Cavill’s, but may not be immediately noticeable due to the lighting.
Corenswet’s Superman suit includes a controversial collar similar to the New 52 design, deviating from the more classic approach expected.

The first look at David Corenswet’s superhero costume for Superman has been revealed, and the actor’s costume for the DC Universe movie has quite a few differences in comparison to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. Cavill gave life to Superman in the DCEU, leading a solo movie as the character, 2013’s Man of Steel, and appearing in multiple other DCEU films. Interestingly, Man of Steel was responsible for starting the DCEU, just like Corenswet’s Superman will do for the DCU’s film side.

When James Gunn and Peter Safran came on board as DC Studios’ new CEOs, they revealed that Cavill would be recast as Superman. Corenswet was chosen after a long search, with the actor already hard at work filming the Superman DCU reboot since the end of February. Despite filming for months, the DCU Superman suit has only now been revealed, and it is very different from Cavill’s.


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8 The Trunks

Corenswet’s Superman Suit Has The Iconic Element

The first and potentially most different aspect between both Superman suits is that Corenswet’s includes a classic element of the Man of Steel that Cavill’s did not. While the DCEU Superman simply wore pants, Corenswet’s version of the DC character will sport Superman’s iconic red trunks. The first look at the actor in the full Superman costume only teased the addition, with the trunks barely visible as Corenswet was sitting. However, that is more than enough to tease the direction the film will take Superman.

Both Gunn and Corenswet have talked about what they expect to do with Superman. Gunn previously revealed that the Superman costume would be a mix between classic and modern — as the reveal makes it clear — bringing the character back to basics. Four years before he was cast as Superman, Corenswet commented that he wanted the next Man of Steel to be optimistic. By including the classic red trunks, Superman seems to be aiming to present a very different version of the Man of Steel from Cavill’s DCEU hero.

7 A Brighter Blue

Cavill’s Superman Suit Was Darker

Corenswet’s red trunks are not the only element differing his version of Superman from Cavill’s that hint at a lighter take on the character. The DCU Superman reboot suit also sports a brighter blue than the one Cavill had in his DCEU Superman costumes. Sure, the lighting on the Corenswet Superman suit reveal photo might put that into question; however, a closer observation of the suit can point out why the new Superman suit has indeed a brighter tone of blue than Cavill’s.

At his knees and shin, it is easier to note that Corenswet’s Superman suit actually has a much brighter blue tone than Cavill’s. The color does not pop out as much in the DCU reveal image as fans expected, which is due to Corenswet being in the dark, as well as the image showing what appears to be a battle-damaged suit on some level, as there is dirt on the suit that helps to mask its brighter blue tone. A full-light shot, or perhaps a set photo should reveal the new Superman suit’s true color.

6 The Collar

Corenswet’s Superman Takes Inspiration From A Controversial Comics Design

The Superman costume reveal was shocking. Based on what Gunn had said about the new movie, it was expected that Corenswet’s Man of Steel would be wearing a more classic suit. However, the first look at the actor in costume showed that he will actually be sporting a different take on the suit, as the DCU Superman reboot is looking for inspiration in a number of places, one of them being the New 52 line of DC Comics.

In the New 52, Superman wore a more modern version of his superhero suit. One of the most controversial aspects of the costume was the presence of a collar, which Corenswet’s Man of Steel costume will also have. The collar has been deemed to make Superman less approachable to citizens. It contributes to making Superman look more tense, which differs from what the take on the character in the new DC Universe is expected to be. Cavill’s Superman costumes, for all their darker elements, never had a collar like Corenswet’s does.

5 How The Suit Fits

The DCU Superman Costume Is Facing Some Criticism

Corenswet sports an impressive Superman physique in workout images, showing just how much he has bulked up for the role since getting cast as the new Clark Kent. At 6’4”, Corenswet ties Christopher Reeve as the tallest Superman actor to date. With his frame and the impressive physique he has built over months of training for the role, Corenswet will undoubtedly look as physically imposing as one can be. However, that was not made clear in the first image of the actor in the Superman costume for the DCU movie.

Gunn’s Superman has been facing criticism since revealing the first look at Corenswet in costume due to the suit looking too baggy. In comparison, Cavill’s Superman costumes were more form-fitting, which is what a Superman suit should go for. In Corenswet’s favor, the creases on his suit likely come from the position that he was shown in, with Superman sitting. There is also the fact that Gunn said there is no post-production work on the image, so the baggy look should be corrected through VFX for the film.

4 The Gold Belt

Henry Cavill’s Superman Had A Distinct Belt

If there is one clear aspect of the new Superman suit from the DCU reboot that beats Cavill’s Man of Steel costume, it is the belt. Cavill’s Superman had perhaps the most distinct belt of all the live-action Superman adaptations. Instead of having an actual belt on his suit, Cavill’s Superman had a belt-like structure drawn as part of his costume, though it looked very odd, and while it contributed to the alien feel of the overall costume, it stands far from the best Superman suit choices.

Corenswet will don a far more traditional version of the element in the DCU. The new Superman will be sporting a classic gold belt, just like Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and more Superman actors have before him. The gold belt is part of Superman’s classic look, so it is fitting that Corenswet will sport the element, as it allows the DC Universe’s Man of Steel to more seamlessly mix classic and modern Superman elements like Gunn previously mentioned would be his goal for the character.

3 The Hair Curl

One Of Superman’s Most Iconic Elements

While technically not part of Superman’s costume, Clark Kent’s hair curl when he dons his superhero suit is part of the character’s classic look. The DCEU chose not to feature that, with Cavil’s hair slicked back as Superman. The only time the actor actually got to don the classic Superman hair curl would be too little, too late. Cavill had the hair curl for his cameo appearance as Superman in Black Adam‘s post-credits scene, though it was revealed that he was out of the role only a few months later.

Corenswet’s Superman will be featuring the hair curl from his first appearance, bringing back a marquee trait of the hero. Currently, there is only one other Superman in live-action. Tyler Hoechlin, who debuted as the Man of Steel of the Arrowverse before getting his own series in another universe, leads Superman & Lois. As that version of Superman does not have the hair curl, despite him displaying classic Superman traits, Corenswet’s will be able to stand out even more.


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2 The Lines On The Suit

Another New 52 Element

It is interesting that Gunn is taking so much inspiration from the New 52 Superman design for the DCU’s Superman. Not only was that version of the Superman costume the source of a lot of criticism from comic book fans, but it also skewers towards a darker and more modern look than the classic and hopeful that Corenswet’s Superman was expected to portray. Besides the high collar, the DCU Superman suit will also take inspiration from DC Comics’ New 52 Superman design for a lot of the suit.

Just like in that comic book version of the hero, Corenswet’s Superman costume features many lines across the costume’s blue parts, making the suit look busier than what was expected. That design choice has even led to fans claiming that Gunn “MCU-ified” the Superman suit. One of the biggest complaints regarding the lining of the New 52 Superman costume was that it gave the hero too much of an armored look, which even Cavill’s darker Superman did not have, and is now repeated for Corenswet.

1 The “S” Crest

The DCU Takes Inspiration From A DC Comics Story

Finally, the “S” crest of Corenswet’s Superman suit is also different from that of Cavill’s Man of Steel. While Cavill’s was a play on the classic version of the element, the DCU chose to take inspiration from a major DC Comics story for its “S” symbol. In March, Gunn celebrated Superman‘s filming start with a reveal of the “S” crest, and that close-up image, as well as the first look at Corenswet’s Superman, shows that the DCU film is clearly taking inspiration from DC’s Kingdom Come.

However, instead of featuring a red and black color scheme like the Kingdom Come “S,” the design chose to go for the traditional blue and gold duo. Interestingly, Gunn chose to share a damaged shot of the Superman suit as the first look at the costume, which makes Corenswet’s “S” crest’s colors look more muted than in the Superman filming image due to the dirt on it. It remains to be seen if Gunn’s Superman will take cues from Kingdom Come for its story besides just Corenswet’s suit.

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