David Corenswet’s new Superman costume has been revealed, which may have also teased Brainiac’s involvement in
Lex Luthor is expected to be the primary antagonist of
, but it’s possible other villains could be teased for the DCU’s future.
Brainiac has previously been teased for
, and DC Studios’ new costume reveal supports these theories.

While Lex Luthor has been confirmed to be appearing as an antagonist in DC Studios’ upcoming Superman, the reveal of Clark Kent’s new superhero costume may have teased yet another terrifying villain for the DC Universe reboot. Shortly after James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as co-CEOs of DC Studios in November 2022, the pair announced plans to reboot the DCEU into the new DCU. This involved dissolving the faltering DCEU, and revealing plans to reinvent the franchise’s core heroes in new projects, which unfortunately meant Henry Cavill was removed as Superman, but replaced by Hollywood star David Corenswet.

Production on DC Studios’ upcoming Superman reboot is well underway, with the movie set to premiere on July 11, 2025, as part of the DCU’s Chapter One, titled Gods and Monsters. Alongside David Corenswet as the titular Man of Steel, Superman’s esteemed cast features Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner and Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, among many others, while Nicholas Hoult will debut as iconic DC Comics villain Lex Luthor. While Lex Luthor is expected to be Superman’s primary antagonist, however, speculation has been rising about other antagonists who could appear in the upcoming reboot.


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Multiple iconic DC villains have been rumored to play a role in James Gunn’s Superman, and David Corenswet’s hero could be facing more than one foe.

Superman Costume Reveal Supports Brainiac Theories

On May 6, 2024, after months of waiting, James Gunn shared a first look at David Corenswet’s new Superman suit with the caption, “Get ready.” The reveal of Superman’s new costume has divided DC fans, with some considering Henry Cavill’s Superman suit from 2013’s Man of Steel to be the superior costume. However, James Gunn’s reveal didn’t only focus on Superman’s costume, but may have also teased a powerful new villain for the upcoming Superman reboot. Many have theorized that DC Comics’ Brainiac could appear as a villain in Superman, and David Corenswet’s costume reveal could support these popular theories.

Brainiac made his DC Comics debut in 1958’s Action Comics #242, introduced as a superintelligent android from the planet Colu who is obsessed with collecting all the knowledge about the universe he can. For this mission, Brainiac shrinks and keeps entire cities and destroys their homeworlds, something he has tried to do to Earth on many occasions, bringing him into repeated opposition to Superman and the Justice League. The cosmic ray seen in the background of Superman’s new costume reveal, fit with Brainiac’s purple-and-green motif, could hint at the villain posing a danger to Earth in the DCU’s upcoming reboot.

How Brainiac Could Fit Into James Gunn’s Superman

Lex Luthor will be the primary antagonist of David Corenswet’s first adventure as Superman, but there’s no doubt that the new Man of Steel will have a bright future in the DC Universe. It’s very possible that Superman could lay the foundations for Brainiac to pose an ever-present threat to Superman and Earth in the DCU’s future, perhaps even setting him up as the new Justice League team’s villain. In July 2023, the DC Comics inspiration behind Superman was revealed on Twitter, which included 2008’s Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns and Gary Clark, suggesting the villain would appear in Superman.

Brainiac being an outright cosmic threat means that it’s a good idea for him to be teased over several projects, rather than being introduced in full force in Superman. DC Studios’ first feature film will be a test for the new DC Universe, as audiences may have lost faith in DC’s storytelling ability after disappointing DCEU installments, including The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. DC Studios needs to regain trust, so showcasing the age-old feud between Superman and Lex Luthor is the best choice, but Brainiac would be a great antagonist to tease for future projects after Superman.

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