Clay Staub criticized David Corenswet’s Superman suit for looking bulky and rubbery, commenting on the composition of the released image.
Fans are divided on Corenswet’s Superman costume, with some in favor and some not.
Further images and footage from James Gunn’s Superman movie will provide a better look at the suit and may dispel some criticisms.

David Corenswet’s Superman movie costume in the DC Universe was criticized by Zack Snyder’s second unit director on Man of Steel. James Gunn’s Superman movie is closer to finally hitting theaters as the film is currently halfway through filming. Production is expected to wrap in the summer on the first DC Universe Chapter 1 movie, while the world is patiently waiting to learn more about the Superman reboot.

Fans have been divided on the Superman suit, with some being in favor of it, while some aren’t. The day after Gunn posted his Superman costume reveal on social media, Clay Staub, who worked as a second unit director for Snyder on Man of Steel, voiced his criticism of Corenswet’s suit, sharing the following:

Staub, who also worked on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and 300, said “speaking solely from the layout perspective, the pose (pulling his boot on) [makes] the suit chest and arms look bulky and rubbery.” Staub was also curious to find out if Corenswet’s Superman costume is returning to the trunks worn by the Man of Steel in some iterations.


8 Biggest Differences Between David Corenswet & Henry Cavill’s Superman Suits

Following the first look at the DC Universe’s Superman, there are some clear differences between David Corenswet and Henry Cavill’s Superman suits.

Some DC Fans Have Also Criticized The New Superman Costume

There have been a number of criticisms about the new Superman costume, which was bound to be the case, as superhero movie suits will always stir strong reactions. As Staub said, this version of the Superman uniform isn’t as tight to the body as other live-action versions have been, as Gunn’s movie appears to be going in a different direction. However, given that Corenswet is seen sitting in the photo, the actual costume may look different when Superman is in action.

Another critical element is the setting of the Superman photo reveal, as Clark is seen strapping on his boots while what appears to be an alien attack is happening behind him. While it might certainly look like Clark is casually suiting up in the photo as Metropolis is being attacked, this is highly unlikely an actual scene from the Superman movie and more so done for marketing purposes. It would be out of character for Superman to not be more concerned about his city being under attack, and take an extended time to change into his suit.

With the Superman costume finally revealed to the world, it will be interesting to see if they are going to shoot any scenes on location with Corenswet over the coming weeks. One still image of an actor who is sitting down can only say a certain amount as opposed to seeing the suit through a video clip. Perhaps more behind-the-scenes images will be able to do the Superman suit more justice for those who aren’t yet won over.

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