Supergirl has had a lot of varied looks over her long career.
Supergirl’s Flamebird armor was a unique departure from her usual look, inspiring the people of Kandor.
Linda Danvers brought a DCAU classic to the comics, merging with Matrix for a stylish new look.

When it comes to awesome costumes, few heroes have an impressive history like Supergirl. The Maid of Might might have a complicated history in the DC Universe, but throughout the decades, Kara Zor-El and other women who have held the Supergirl mantle have had seriously cool costumes.

Whether its her revamped costume during the New 52 or her most recent outfit that incorporates a stylish jacket, Supergirl isn’t afraid of trying on different looks. While she’s had plenty of great costumes over the years, Supergirl’s following 10 outfits stand out as the absolute best.

10 Supergirl’s Flamebird Armor Was Incredibly Cool

First appearance: Supergirl #6 (2006)

When comic book readers hear ‘Nightwing’ or ‘Flamebird’, they might think of a couple of Gotham-based heroes. But the two names are actually rooted in Kryptonian mythology and for a brief period, Kara actually went by the name Flamebird. In an adventure set during “One Year Later”, Supergirl and Powergirl venture into the bottle city of Kandor to stop Ultraman from controlling its citizens. To inspire the people, Supergirl dresses up as the Kryptonian mythological figure, Flamebird.

The costume is a radical departure from Supergirl’s usual look and is composed of armor from head to toe. The armor also includes wings that would make Hawkman jealous and a helmet to keep Kara’s identity secret. While only used in this one story, Supergirl’s Flamebird armor helped her keep the Kryptonian city safe from Ultraman.

9 Linda Danvers Brought a DCAU Classic to the Comics

First appearance: Supergirl #51 (2000)

In the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kara Zor-El was erased from continuity, but that didn’t mean the DC Universe didn’t have a Supergirl. A young woman named Linda Danvers became the DCU’s newest Supergirl after merging with the powerful Matrix, imbuing Linda with incredible power. For a time as the sole Supergirl, Linda wore a costume similar to Kara’s classic look.

However, after fifty issues of Supergirl, Linda took on a new look halfway through. Inspired by the DC Animated Universe’s take on Supergirl, Linda began wearing a costume composed of a white t-shirt with the House of El crest, white gloves, a blue skirt, and a pair of red boots. This remained as Linda’s look until Linda was booted from DC Universe continuity altogether. While her time was brief, Linda was the only Supergirl to make a Superman: The Animated Series’ Supergirl costume canon.

8 Supergirl’s Movie Helped Give Kara a Defining Costume

First appearance: Supergirl #13 (1983)

The last costume Kara Zor-El wore before her untimely demise was actually based on a film costume that never got used. The early 80s was abuzz with the news that Supergirl was going to be the star of her very own feature film and screen tests showed a new take on the powerful Kryptonian. The new costume updated her classic look, adding a belt and red accents blending into her chest symbol. The screen tests showed Supergirl actress Helen Slater also wearing a headband which was later added to Kara’s new look.

However, when the film finally debuted, the movie opted to give Kara her classic look instead. But Kara’s new costume stayed for roughly two years. It was also the final costume Supergirl wore when she met her maker during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

7 The New 52 Gave Supergirl a Perfect Modern Costume

First appearance: Supergirl #1 (2011)

Save for a few stories, the entire DC Universe was rebooted following Flashpoint. Entire histories for certain characters were changed, as were iconic relationships. The New 52 also served as a chance for DC Comics characters to get new costumes for this brave new era. Supergirl, in particular, got a major overhaul as her new series helped kick off the new wave of comics. Mirroring her classic origin, this version of Supergirl arrived on Earth as a young woman, already dressed in her new outfit.

Supergirl’s new costume was a sleek reinvention of her traditional outfit, though it eschewed the skirt for a leotard with a more alien-looking House of El symbol. Supergirl’s cloak was pinned at the neck and was still red, but now had a solid gold border on its edges. This was Supergirl’s look for most of the New 52 and stands out as one of her most defining costumes.

6 Dark Knights of Steel Was an Epic Reinvention of Kara

First appearance: Dark Knights of Steel #2 (2022)

Dark Knights of Steel is an Elseworlds that deviates from the traditional DCU for a sword and sorcery world filled with competing kingdoms and epic battles. This world’s version of Supergirl isn’t Kara Zor-El, but rather, Zala Jor-El, Prince Kal-El’s younger sister and one of the Kingdom of El’s most skilled fighters (owed to her time spent training with the Amazons).

While it’s hard to call Zala’s outfit a ‘costume’, it is an outfit well-equipped for the war-torn world seen in Dark Knights of Steel. Always prepared for battle, Zala wears leather gloves and boots and carries a shield and sword to battle. Echoing Supergirl’s classic outfit, Zala also has a billowy blue tunic with a golden House of El clasp that pins a red cape to her clothes. Sure, it’s not a canon look for Supergirl, but it’s quite an interesting reinvention.

First appearance: Supergirl #28 (2014)

For a short period during the New 52, Supergirl got a major (and bloody) costume change when she became a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Between the destruction of her home planet and her difficulty adapting to Earth’s culture, Kara had some serious anger issues. Unfortunately, these feelings started bubbling to the surface during a fight with Lobo just as the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus sent out a new batch of Red Lantern Power Rings.

One of these rings found Supergirl and forcefully inducted her into the Red Lantern Corps. The ring changed Kara’s costume into a Red Lantern equivalent and gave her a red domino mask. Supergirl’s symbol was turned into a Red Lantern symbol, showcasing her new allegiance to the rage-filled army. Supergirl managed to break the Red Lanterns’ hold on her, but her time with the Corps wasn’t soon forgotten.

4 Supergirl’s Latest Costume Brings Her In Line with the Super-Family

First appearance: Action Comics #1051 (2023)

After Superman came back to Earth after liberating Warworld, he was ready to be with his family again. While Clark happily stepped back into his familiar red and blue duds, the Super-Family got an overhaul with their costumes. Supergirl, Superboy, Superman Jon Kent, and Natasha Irons all got upgraded outfits that traded in capes for awesome jackets.

Supergirl had just gotten a new costume in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow that went with pants instead of a skirt. This new costume keeps that in mind but touches it up with the jacket that uses red negative space to illustrate a classic House of El symbol. Supergirl’s new costume (like most of the Super-Family’s new jackets) also includes shoulder patches showcasing the House of El symbol, letting everyone know who she is and what family she’s a part of.

3 It’s Hard to Top a Classic Like Supergirl’s Silver Age Costume

First appearance: Action Comics #252 (1959)

When people think of Supergirl, it’s hard not to think about her classic look from the Silver Age. Many fans might even think about her popping out of the spaceship she arrived on Earth in Action Comics #252. This version is the most simplified version of Supergirl’s costume. It’s largely a blue dress with long sleeves, a yellow belt, and a pair of red boots with a matching cape.

This was Supergirl’s default look for years and while she’s now getting reinventions that correct a few elements (namely the skirt), so many of her classic looks were all following the trend set by this costume. Sure, it’s a simple outfit. But it became an iconic look for the Maid of Might and few outfits have managed to stand out as much as it has.

2 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Gave Kara The Superwoman Costume She Deserves

First appearance: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #8 (2022)

The modern classic Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is remembered for a lot of things, especially for the dramatic upgrade in costume the story gives Kara at its climax. After her costume is destroyed, Kara gets a new one that features a large, two-tone, blue bodysuit, golden belt, billowy cape and extraneous lines on the torso of her costume and boots. It was a big overhaul, but one that fans readily accepted as Supergirl’s new look.

Unfortunately, this new look didn’t last very long. Supergirl appeared wearing the new costume in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 as part of Jon Kent’s new Justice League and in backups of Action Comics. However, it wasn’t long before the costume was ditched in favor of Kara’s new jacket look in the revamped Super-Family from Action Comics #1051 onwards. It was a bold reinvention for Supergirl and hopefully, one that will reappear one day.

1 DC Comics’ Rebirth Was the Perfect Balance for Supergirl

First appearance: Supergirl: Rebirth #1 (2016)

After several years with a radically designed costume, Kara, like many other heroes in the DC Universe embraced a more classic look during the Rebirth era. It didn’t hurt that CW’s Supergirl TV show was airing at the same time and it embraced Supergirl’s more classic appearance (albeit with a few changes). Supergirl’s new costume reflected the vibe of DC Rebirth at the time as it was vibrant but not afraid to make a few adjustments.

While Supergirl’s Rebirth costume is largely Kara’s de facto appearance, this outfit has a few subtle changes. Her symbol is a bit more ‘alien-looking’ than Clark’s traditional House of El crest. There are also a few extraneous lines on her torso (though that depends on the artist). This costume doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and is ultimately stronger for it, standing out as one of Supergirl’s better costumes.

Out of all the cool looks Supergirl has had, these 10 stand out as some of her best.


Supergirl is a popular DC character that made her debut in May 1959 in the pages of Action Comics #252. Many characters have taken on the mantle of Supergirl over the years, but the most popular iteration of the character is Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin. Supergirl has appeared in many comics, video games, movies, and TV shows over the years, most notably the 1984 Supergirl movie starring Helen Slater and The CW’s Supergirl show with Melissa Benoist. 

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