With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom officially bringing the SnyderVerse to an end, DC Studios chief James Gunn is now fully in the throes of launching his rebooted DC Universe with the highly ambitious Superman: Legacy. The writer/director has confirmed that the film will not only relaunch the Man of Steel, but introduce a full-fledged superhero universe that’s already in motion.

However, while Superman: Legacy will feature characters like Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, Metamorpho, and possibly even Lobo, Gunn is preparing DC Comics fans to not expect the mother of all appearances: The new Batman.

Gunn’s DC Universe will have its own version of the Caped Crusader (Read: Not Robert Pattinson), who’s set to appear in The Brave and the Bold alongside the Damian Wayne version of Robin. But if you’re expecting to see the new Bats in Superman: Legacy, think again.

“He can’t appear in Superman: Legacy because he’s not in the script,” Gunn told a fan during one of his frequent Q&A sessions on Threads.

While the answer may seem a tad blunt, it is fitting with Gunn’s views on what he calls “cameo porn.” Back in December, Gunn decried the practice of having a “character appear on screen for 10 seconds to mark a checkbox” while interacting with fans, as he often does.

“I call that ‘Cameo Porn’ and it has been one of the worst elements of recent superhero films,” Gunn said via Deadline. “If a character is in film, they have to have a reason to be there story-wise.”

Superman: Legacy flies into theaters on July 11, 2025.

(Via James Gunn on Threads)

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