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Behind-the-scenes image of María Gabriela de Faría, who will play a powerful villain in Superman: Legacy, shared by James Gunn. Superman: Legacy will feature other powerful characters like Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, and Mr. Terrific. María Gabriela de Faría previously worked on Venezuelan films and TV shows before being cast as The Engineer in the new DC Universe.

James Gunn has shared a new behind-the-scenes image from Superman: Legacy alongside María Gabriela de Faría, who will play a powerful villain in the upcoming film. The filmmaker shared the photograph through his Threads account a few weeks before the first film set in the new DC Universe is scheduled to start filming, saying “With the Engineer herself, @thefaria, in town for stunts and costume fittings for Superman. You guys are gonna love this character on screen!”. Warner Bros. is getting ready to produce the adventure starring David Coresnwet as Clark Kent and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, with the project currently scheduled to premiere on the big screen next year.

Superman: Legacy will follow Clark as he attempts to balance his life as a journalist and as an optimistic hero, with the young iteration of the character not being the only powerful being in this universe. Guy Gardner, (Nathan Fillion), Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced) and Mr. Terrific (Edi Gathegi) will already be established in this world when audiences are introduced to Corenswet’s version of the Man of Steel. But none of their power compares to those of The Engineer (played by María Gabriela de Faría), who is capable of duplicating herself in the comic books. Each copy could have their own set of abilities in the comics, but nothing has been confirmed regarding how Gunn and de Faría will adapt the character on the big screen.

Before preparing to star in Superman: Legacy, María Gabriela de Faría worked on a wide variety of films and television series in Venezuela, including Isa TKM and Grachi. Both shows were produced by Nickelodeon through their Latin American branches, many years before the actress was selected to play The Engineer in the new DC Universe. In the comic books, the character has been a member of The Authority, another property that will be adapted into a movie set in the DC franchise Gunn is working on alongside Peter Safran.

Superman: Legacy will be the first movie set in Gunn and Safran’s new DC Universe, after the previous iteration of the franchise ended with the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The first project set in the upcoming DC Universe will be Creature Commandos, an animated series scheduled to premiere on Max later this year. Other movies currently in development for the franchise include Swamp Thing and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, as Gunn and Safran come up with ways to give the brand a new look. In the meantime, Superman: Legacy is scheduled to start filming in March, bringing the next iteration of the Man of Steel a step closer to becoming a reality.

You can check out Gunn’s post, and check out the image below before Superman: Legacy premieres in theaters in the United States on July 11, 2025:

Image via James Gunn on Threads

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Follows the titular superhero as he reconciles his heritage with his human upbringing. He is the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way in a world that views kindness as old-fashioned.

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