Potter wants Inaki Godoy to play Beast Boy in the
Teen Titans
movie, as per his tweet response.
Godoy, known for Monkey D. Luffy in
One Piece
, is Potter’s ideal successor for the role.
Potter, who was the first live-action Beast Boy in
, named his dream successor for the upcoming DCU movie.

Titans star Ryan Potter, who portrayed Beast Boy in the DC TV series, names his ideal successor for the Teen Titans movie in James Gunn’s DC Universe. As a new DC Universe is on its way, Gunn and Peter Safran are working on numerous movies and TV shows as part of Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters”. While Gunn’s Superman movie is the first film that is currently in production, another project that is quickly gaining hype is the live-action Teen Titans film that is in development.

While there haven’t been any updates on the Teen Titans movie since the initial announcement, actors have already expressed their interest in taking part in the project. Following Screen Rant’s exclusive with Ian Ousley being interested to play Beast Boy in Teen Titans, Potter responded on X (formerly known as Twitter), expressing who he’d want in the role.

Potter, who was the first live-action Beast Boy through the Titans TV show, named Iñaki Godoy as his dream successor in the Teen Titans movie. Godoy is best known for his role as Monkey D. Luffy in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece.


Predicting The DCU Teen Titans Movie Team – 10 DC Heroes Who Must Appear

A Teen Titans movie is in the early stages for James Gunn’s DC Universe, and there are some heroes that have to appear in the upcoming film.

While time will tell who is eventually cast for Teen Titans, the live-action movie has the potential to be vastly different from the Titans series. One of the biggest updates for the Titans show on Max was the adult-themed direction, as it was far grittier than other Teen Titans adaptations.

With the Teen Titans film, DC Studios could go with a bigger focus on a younger line-up and keep it traditionally teenage-based. While Dick Grayson was leading the Titans for four seasons, the Teen Titans project could potentially end up going with Damian Wayne as the leader for the DC Universe incarnation, especially after The Brave and The Bold movie. But until DC Studios reveals more details about their take on the Teen Titans, time will tell what incarnation the audience can expect to see on the big-screen.

Aside from which members the film will feature, it will also be interesting to see which villains will be in the Teen Titans movie, as there are a lot of intriguing choices to select from. As the script is being worked on by Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow writer Ana Noguiera, it remains to be seen who will be chosen for Teen Titans. Hopefully, more news on the upcoming DCU movie will emerge in the coming months.

Source: Ryan Potter/X

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