The Batman Part II is easily one of the most anticipated upcoming superhero movies, despite the fact that the sequel to 2022’s The Batman is likely not being released until at least 2026. Many fans are looking forward to seeing where director Matt Reeves takes his more street-level version of the Caped Crusader. This includes the villains that he faces, with the Dark Knight’s next foe being just as important as the development for Bruce Wayne himself.

There are several classic Batman villains that can work within the world established by The Batman. Others might need some tweaking, but fans want to see them, nonetheless. Likewise, there’s a certain Clown Prince of Crime who’s almost certain to show up in some capacity. Thus, the potential foes to face Batman and his allies are endless, though they have to fit in Batman’s world.

10 Mr. Freeze Can Unleash Winter in Gotham City


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One character that fans want to see in The Batman: Part II is Mr. Freeze. The character is usually portrayed as one of Batman’s more over-the-top and “comic booky” villains, having little to do with the more grounded world of gangsters and crime lords. His most iconic portrayal also makes him a tragic villain, with his condition all being tied to the search for a cure to his wife’s terminal illness.

One area that Mr. Freeze might thematically work is the flooding of Gotham City seen in the end of The Batman, with his usual gun being particularly potent in that environment. At the same time, he really doesn’t fit in the world seen in the first movie, and casual audiences will likely find him too silly, especially given his infamous characterization in Batman & Robin. Thus, if he does show up, it will likely be in a more grounded capacity.

9 Clayface May Work on One Condition

Clayface is another Batman villain who feels more at home fighting more fantastical heroes beyond the Dark Knight. As a shapeshifting mass of mud, he doesn’t immediately sound like someone that Matt Reeves might use. This hasn’t kept rumors from persisting about the villain showing up, though this might be a version of Clayface that fans are unfamiliar with.

The classic Golden Age Clayface wasn’t a mud monster, but someone who literally used masks as a disguise to commit crimes. This concept can be used to great effect in the noir world of The Batman, and it makes much more sense (both narratively and thematically) than a giant CGI wad of goop. It will also highlight a lesser known variant of Clayface, illustrating the entire breadth of Batman’s history.

8 Adding Firefly Can Redeem a Controversial DCEU Cancelation


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Firefly is a rather underrated Batman foe, with the character usually portrayed as a pyromaniac. Beyond that, there isn’t much in the way of defining traits, with the villain usually lacking in iconic stories in both the comics and outside media. An interesting way to use him might be as a henchman to another villain, burning down areas of Gotham to decrease property values in the already ruined city.

Adding Firefly to The Batman 2 would also redeem the villain after he was set to appear in the unreleased Batgirl movie. This film was set to take place in the DC Extended Universe before that shared universe ended to make way for the new DC Universe films, with many fans anticipating to see him portrayed by Brendan Fraser. Bringing the actor into The Batman 2 in the same role can finally make that happen. In fact, he might even vex this universe’s version of Jim and Barbara Gordon as he was meant to do in the DCEU.

7 Hush Might Be a Blast From Bruce Wayne’s Past

Another rumored villain who might appear in The Batman 2 is Thomas Elliot, aka Hush. Debuting in the eponymous comic book storyline of the same name, he was portrayed as a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s who returns to Gotham City as a ruthless killer in adulthood. Given that a lot of the past for Robert Pattinson’s Batman is still unknown, adding Hush would be a great way to flesh the hero out.

The main caveat is that Paul Dano’s version of The Riddler in The Batman was already redesigned to where he heavily resembled Hush. He even had ties to Bruce Wayne’s past to some extent, and this might make Hush a bit redundant. The best way to handle him might be for Thomas Elliot to only appear in his civilian identity and possibly become a villain in a sequel.

6 The Court of Owls May Appear in The Batman 2


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The Court of Owls debuted during the New 52 era of DC Comics, with the cult-like group having ties to the distant past of Gotham City. Operating under the noses of everyone, including Batman himself, they were secretly behind several events involving the city. In the present day, they finally struck against the Dark Knight and his family, with one of their ranks even having connections to Dick Grayson’s family.

The Court of Owls is a highly popular group of villains that fans want to see show up in some capacity in Matt Reeves’ Batman series. It would be a great way to put the villains on the big screen, especially since they’ve now existed in the comics for over 10 years. Likewise, the Court of Owls is a way to increase the scope of this cinematic iteration of Batman while still remaining grounded.

5 The Joker Is Certain to Appear In Some Capacity

Barry Keoghan’s version of The Joker briefly appeared at the end of The Batman, and he had a somewhat more substantial role in a deleted scene from the theatrical cut. Given the popularity of the villain, it’s highly likely that he’s going to be a continued presence in The Batman’s continuity. Of course, Keoghan is competing with several other iterations of The Joker, so his role might not be as big as those takes.

One way to feature the villain without sucking the air out of the room for other antagonists is to showcase a flashback at the beginning of The Batman: Part II. This can showcase the first encounter between The Joker and Batman that landed the former in custody. By doing this, his antagonism toward Batman is firmly established without focusing on him too much.

4 The Penguin Is Bound to Show Up In The Batman’s Sequel


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The Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot already debuted in The Batman as a grounded gangster. He’s also set to receive a spinoff series, The Penguin, that will air on Max, showcasing his rise to power. With The Penguin being more than a mere criminal lackey, his increased influence will certainly draw the attention of Batman.

Some fans are wondering if Batman will show up in an episode of The Penguin, and if the same holds true in reverse. The Penguin may have at least a small role in The Batman: Part II, proving that he’s no longer the small-time crook that Batman can “lean on.” The attention will certainly cement The Penguin as one of Batman’s greatest enemies, and he might even bring out one of his iconic umbrellas.

3 Hugo Strange Would Fit Perfectly Into The Batman 2

Hugo Strange is a Batman foe who debuted in the Golden Age, with the character being an archetypal mad scientist. Essentially Batman’s equivalent to Lex Luthor, he’s appeared sporadically in comics and adaptations over the years. Sadly, he’s never had a truly mainstream portrayal, though The Batman: Part II might change that.

Hugo Strange can be portrayed as a researcher using the down-and-out citizens of Gotham City for heinous medical ventures. He might also be involved with organ harvesting, again using the downtrodden nature of the city’s population to take advantage of them. There are several ways in which the character can horrifyingly be brought to life on the big screen, and they all spell disaster for Gotham’s citizens.

2 Zsasz Can Begin a Massacre In The Batman 2


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Mr. Zsasz is one of Batman’s most ruthless foes, with the cruel killer being far from a cartoonish joke. A vicious serial killer, he cuts marks on his body to signify all of his murdered victims. Taking delight in killing, he’s the type of foe who, if done correctly, will be easy to make into a terrifying threat.

Zsasz briefly appeared in Batman Begins, though this was more of a cameo than anything. Likewise, his appearance in Birds of Prey was far too goofy and comedic than what fans wanted. Thus, he’s in need of a proper adaptation, and the already grisly world of The Batman is the best place for this to happen.

1 Killer Croc’s Original Characterization Deserves an Adaptation

In recent years, Killer Crock has been portrayed (both in the comics and movies such as Suicide Squad) as essentially a much weaker version of Marvel Comics’ The Lizard. More reptile than beast, he’s a foe who feels more in line with other heroes’ rogues galleries. That wasn’t originally the case, however, with his original portrayal being less monstrous yet much scarier.

Originally, Killer Croc was merely a gangster with a skin condition, with this diagnosis being an extreme form of a real disease, ichthyosis vulgaris. Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Joker took this in a more realistic direction than ever, with Croc’s condition not being portrayed as making him an outright animal. Thus, he maintained his actual humanity and was a ruthless street gangster, something which will definitely be a factor to Batman in The Batman: Part II.

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