Ever since James Gunn took hold of the reign of the DC Universe, the franchise has witnessed a massive change. The major change in the franchise includes the announcement that claims that DC will soon witness a reboot. This decision has halted many upcoming major projects including the highly anticipated animated version of Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ 1996 comics miniseries Kingdom Come.

The 1996 miniseries was supposed to be adapted into the animated version, however, according to DC Comics Legend Bruce Timm, DC doesn’t have enough funding to invest in an animated version of an iconic series. He even claimed that any efforts would come in vain as the audience wouldn’t find it as good as the original piece.

Kingdom Come

The animated version of Kingdom Come is still a far cry

The DC Universe is currently facing a tough time, and its newly hired co-CEO James Gunn is doing everything in his possession to revive the franchise. However, this wasn’t the case always, as there was a time when DC delivered some incredible works that fans can vouch for even today.

For instance, the 1996 miniseries, Kingdom Come, by Mark Waid and Alex Ross was a big hit of its time, and according to reports, its animated version was about to launch, but the makers of DC have spilled some tea on these rumors, which isn’t very thrilling for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Kingdom Come‘s animated version.

Kingdom come

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According to ComicBook Movie, Butch Lukic, the executive producer of Justice League: Warworld, once said during an interview,

“We originally talked about Kingdom Come after this, but changing regimes, we couldn’t go forward with anything like that. They might incorporate it in the future with the New World, but that was one that we talked about as an obvious possibility to continue…I think adapting graphic novels, there’s too much in there. Whereas if you just take two of the miniseries stuff, you can make a better story.”

Based on Lukic’s statement, it appears that there is currently no definite plan to develop an animated series for Kingdom Come. The main reason is that the original miniseries is quite lengthy, and if it were adapted into a movie or series, a significant portion of the story would need to be omitted. Therefore, the idea of making an animated series is on hold.

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DC Comic Legend Bruce Timm explained the reason for the hiatus on the Kingdom Come project

Bruce Timm

Previously, during an interview at New York ComicCon back in 2017, the DC Animated Universe veteran Bruce Timm reflected on the same topic explaining why the franchise is not ready to produce an animated version of the highly anticipated series. He said,

“The one that we hear all the time is Kingdom Come and I have to, like, crush everyone’s dream every single time because it’s just not within the scope of what we can do with these movies. The main thing that people remember from Kingdom Come, beyond the story, is the look. It was Alex Ross, breaking big, doing “photorealistic superheroes”, so if we did an animated version of Kingdom Come it would not look like that.

We don’t have the money, there isn’t enough money on the planet to make it look like that, so there’s really no reason to do it. Automatically, they would be disappointed, that’d be the number one thing on amazon and amazon reviews would be “one star – doesn’t look like Alex Ross.”

However, this remark was given back in 2017, and by now many new technologies have come into the picture, which are indeed capable enough to give the desired result.

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Source: ComicBook Movie

 DC Animator Bruce Timm debunked all the rumors regarding the release of the animated version of Kingdom Come, claiming its a far cry.  Read More