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Homelander is a force to be reckoned with on par with Superman, but The Boys star Jack Quaid gives his two cents on which superhero would demolish the other.

Homelander has often been described as the evil version of Superman. There are noticeable similarities between the two, from the blue, white, and red-caped costumes to powers. Both heroes have super strength, the ability to fly, speed, and dangerous laser vision.

However, in an interview with ScreenRant, Quaid revealed Homelander wouldn’t hold up to the iconic comic book hero Superman.

“He has to, right? Like if he doesn’t, we’re all in trouble. I think my particular version of Superman has a lot of growing to do, and he still needs to discover some more of the powers that we all know are in there but give him a few seasons, and he can take Homelander, for sure,” said the actor.

Quaid would be one of the main people to ask as he currently voices Superman for the animated series, My Adventures with Superman. His The Boys character has also come face-to-face with the destruction Homelander is capable of.

But there has often been debate on who would win in a fight. There’s no denying that Homelander is willing to go above and beyond to get what he wants. He also has no aversion to bloody murder, unlike Superman, who believes in protecting mankind. Superman has a code of conduct that doesn’t apply to Homelander.

Then again, Superman is a born alien from another planet. His superpowers are embedded into his DNA from birth. Homelander, on the other hand, was injected with Compound V after his birth which gave him his powers.

The two superheroes are definitely a match for each other on the battlefield with both on the opposite ends of justice and morality. It all depends on how far Superman is willing to go and if The Boys’s Homelander somehow gets his hands on Kryptonite.

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