DCU actors, including future Superman stars, show off gym results with trainer Paolo Mascitti.
James Gunn’s superhero cast, including Rachel Brosnahan and Sara Sampaio, trained hard for roles.
Paolo Mascitti, celebrity trainer, helps DC stars like Jennifer Holland and María Gabriela De Faría get fit for film.

Four DCU actors, three of whom are confirmed to star in 2025’s Superman, gather to show off the impressive results of their time in the gym. Superman is set to be the official big-screen start of the rebooted DCU, but the Man of Steel won’t be the only superhero in Metropolis. Several other characters have been confirmed for Superman, several of which are sure to have long-term futures in the new DC cinematic universe.

As Superman continues filming, the cast of James Gunn’s upcoming superhero epic is hard at work with Paolo Mascitti – a personal trainer known for helping celebrities achieve their fitness goals. Mascitti posted a photo to his Instagram page of current and upcoming DC stars Rachel Brosnahan (Lois Lane), Jennifer Holland (Emelia Harcourt), Sara Sampaio (Eve Teschmacher), and María Gabriela De Faría (Angela Spica/The Engineer). See the group shot below.

Of the four, only Harcourt is yet to be confirmed for Superman. It’s possible the A.R.G.U.S. agent could have a cameo, but it seems more likely Jennifer Holland is hitting the gym with the others in preparation for the soon-to-film Peacemaker season 2.

It seems unlikely that Holland’s Harcourt will be appearing in Superman given she hasn’t appeared in any of the numerous cast photos posted by Gunn (and, given they’re married, it seems unlikely she’d accidentally slip by unmentioned). However, with Peacemaker season 2 in the works, the non-superpowered A.R.G.U.S. agent will be making her DCU debut soon enough. The other three cast-members roles in the film seem relatively easy to surmise. Lois Lane’s (Brosnahan) inclusion is no surprise, and she’ll surely be the determined reporter and emotional rock for Clark that she is in the best Superman comics, movies, and shows.

Eve Teschmacher (played by Sara Sampaio) has close ties to the villainous Lex Luthor, often his assistant and sometimes his romantic partner. It’s unclear if Luthor is set to be the primary antagonist of Superman, though David Corenswet’s unconventional super suit reveal may tease a powerful version of Lex. Regardless, it’s unlikely that Teschmacher is simply an assistant without much plot relevance, given how early Sampaio’s involvement was announced. It’s unlikely it would be accompanied by much fanfare if it’s a small part with few lines.

Perhaps the most interesting inclusion is María Gabriela De Faría’s Angela Spica. In DC comics, Spica is one of the people to operate under the name The Engineer for The Authority, a group of heroes who operate in moral shades of gray and who are willing to take extreme measures to attain peace. Given The Authority will star in their own feature film in the early years of the DCU, it’s possible that the team will debut in Superman. One theory posits that their extreme measures could inspire Clark to form the Justice League to support a less violent peace. Only time will tell, and answers will be had when Superman releases on July 11, 2025.

Source: Paolo Mascitti/Instagram

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