Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a live-service video game based on the DC Comics series, has suffered numerous setbacks since its initial 2020 announcement. As the game’s playerbase continues to decline at an alarming rate, the developers behind the controversial title have announced a list of significant changes to its episodic Season 1 release.

According to Forbes, developer Rocksteady Studios is preparing to make various changes for Episode 2 in the Season 1 roadmap for Suicide Squad. The release of Season 1 introduced a multiversal Joker as a playable character, as well as new cosmetic items, weapons and gameplay challenges. However, the reception towards the “Joker” Season has been anything but warm, as fans have criticized the unjustifiable amount of hours players would have to waste doing missions to unlock the Clown Prince of Crime. Some fans believe this timegate tactic is meant to encourage players to pull out their wallets to skip the grind and unlock Joker instantly. Players have also criticized other aspects of Suicide Squad, such as its slow Battle Pass progression, pointless forms of currency and poor balancing of enemy modifiers.


Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League Evolves Harley Quinn For The Best

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice makes a series of big changes to Harley Quinn’s life and they help make the character someone to root for.

In the news post by Rocksteady, Suicide Squad will address many of these fan complaints that stem from Season 1, Episode 1, and the initial release of the game. Among the upcoming quality-of-life changes, the controversial unlocking of the Joker wasn’t mentioned. Below is a bullet point listing of changes for Episode 2 via the Suicide Squad’s website.

All Infamy Set tiers and Notorious items will be available at Mastery Level 1 The power and difficulty differences between Tier sets will be flattened Tier 1 will focus on specific core mechanics, while Tier 3 will have the most flexible playstyle Four New Master grades (five in total) for Infamy and Notorious items that increase in power at higher levels New “Corrupted” items that offer legendary power to motivate players to replay Mayhem missions for high-tier loot Players will soon be able to break down items from the reward screen and craft Legendary items from recipes Mutators are being reworked to encourage different playstyles instead of limiting players to specific builds to defeat them Promethium costs for missions are being lowered New Incursion missions and new Invasion difficulty levels


Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League Squanders Its King Shark

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League initially positions its childlike King Shark for greatness, only to then make him as bland as can be.

Despite being made by the developers of the Batman: Arkham games, the reception towards Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad continues to be poor. The game suffered multiple delays and despite its plans for a 2022 release, it came out in February 2024 instead. The early access offered through the game’s pricey deluxe edition was bugged, causing an emergency shutdown that made the early access feature pointless. Currently, the playerbase for Suicide Squad on Steam is slightly above 200 at its peak.

Source: Forbes and Suicide Squad Site

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