DC characters could find a gaming home in Mortal Kombat, where their fighting abilities would shine.
Heroic characters like Superman may not fit, but lethal characters such as Lobo and Sinestro could.
DC and Mortal Kombat have a history of collaborating, offering a reliable source for guest characters.

There are several DC characters without video games of their own, and one franchise could be an excellent landing pad for them. There are so many DC characters that there isn’t enough room for all of them to appear in major games, not even all of the prominent heroes. Even with that in mind, a lot of these characters still have fanbases and potential drawing power. Finding another game for them could prove highly useful for their future popularity. Thankfully, there is one game series that, under certain circumstances, could be perfect for some underused DC characters to shine.

After Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League‘s shaky reception, DC games are currently on something of a downswing. There is still the upcoming Wonder Woman game by Monolith to look forward to, but the brand is facing headwinds at the moment. In comparison, Marvel is currently riding high off of games such as Marvel SNAP and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. What these recent struggles mean for the future of DC video games is currently unknown, but it could lead to fewer DC games until they exit the current slump. That would lead a a lot of characters lacking video game representation for a while.


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DC games seem to be in a bit of a tough spot right now after Suicide Squad, but that could be fixed if it followed Marvel and Star Wars’ example.

Most Memorable DC Characters Could Fit Into Fighting Games

One common thread that connects most DC characters that deserve games is their ability to fight. Fighting crime with impressive skills and powers has been a staple of the superhero genre since it began, and is the focus of most games surrounding them as well. Even heroes without powers such as Batman are typically highly-talented fighters in their own right. This makes fighting games one of the best genres for superhero titles, on par with action-adventure. Thankfully, one fighting franchise is already set up to take in some guest characters from DC. That would be fellow Warner Bros. property Mortal Kombat.

game would be a best-case scenario for DC’s characters, but that series’ future is currently unknown.

Several DC Characters Could Cross Paths With Mortal Kombat’s Warriors

Of course, there are several characters among DC’s ranks that simply would not become Mortal Kombat fighters for several reasons. The brutal nature of the game’s combat would not suit characters such as Superman, The Flash, or most heroes for that matter. However, characters such as Reverse Flash, Lobo, and Sinestro could fit right in due to their more lethal nature. The heroes don’t have to be left out either, as Red Hood and Jean-Paul Valley are similarly dangerous, and have shown a willingness to kill. Any of these characters could potentially make for an exciting addition to the next Mortal Kombat game.

DC and Mortal Kombat Have a History Of Collaborations

It helps that DC and the Mortal Kombat franchise have a well-established history together already. Peacemaker debuted as Mortal Kombat 1 DLC in February, and before him, the Joker was in Mortal Kombat 11, also as DLC. There was also the crossover Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe back in 2008. While the two brands are not precisely connected, they have a documented history of working together. This makes DC look like a fairly reliable source for Mortal Kombat guest characters. Considering how deep DC’s vast library of characters goes, there could be a nearly endless supply of fighters for NetherRealm to choose from.

Mortal Kombat and DC’s working relationship has created a solid pipeline for underused DC characters to shine. Considering how proud a tradition Mortal Kombat‘s guest characters have become, they will likely continue to be a factor in the series’ future. Since DC has similarly made a habit out of its characters crossing over into Mortal Kombat, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see more representatives make their way into NetherRealm’s universe. As it stands, Mortal Kombat is a good place for DC characters without their own games to make a splash.

Mortal Kombat 1

The 12th mainline entry in Warner Bros’ franchise, Mortal Kombat 1 is set to be a soft reboot. Along with staples like a single-player campaign and online multiplayer, the 2023 game will also introduce Kameo Fighters.

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