Starfire’s new outfit in
#11 pays tribute to the beloved
Teen Titans
show with a subtle reference fans shouldn’t miss.
DC should consider featuring Starfire’s new outfit and tote bag in their merch shop.
With the hype surrounding DC’s upcoming
Teen Titans
live-action movie, there will likely be Titan-inspired merch to come.

WARNING: Contains Potential Spoilers for Titans #11!

Teen Titans fans will regret it if they miss this amazing reference to the beloved show featured on Starfire’s latest outfit. This subtle yet perfect callback would make an ideal addition to DC’s merch store. But this new outfit isn’t the only Starfire-inspired item DC should consider making available to fans.

Titans #11 by Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer sees Nightwing and his team attacked by their newest adversary, Vanadia, an AMAZO-like cyborg possessing all of the Titans’ powers. Programmed by Dr. Morrow and Amanda Waller to believe the Titans are robots that must be destroyed, Vanadia strikes in the middle of the night, forcing the team to fight in their pajamas.

Starfire’s pajamas are particularly notable, featuring a blink-and-you-miss-it reference to the Teen Titans cartoon. On the breast pocket area of her purple zip-up hoodie is the Teen Titans Go! version of Silkie, Starfire’s pet moth larva.

Starfire’s New Purple Pajamas Pay Tribute to Her Pet Worm in Teen Titans GO!

Fans of the animated shows Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! are well acquainted with Starfire’s beloved pet, Silkie. Silkie was originally one of the thousands of mutant caterpillars created by Killer Moth. However, after a confrontation with the grubs, Beast Boy brought one back to the Tower and asked Starfire to help keep the little larva hidden from their teammates. Although initially hesitant, Starfire quickly became attached to Silkie, and soon the little grub became closely associated with her character.

Unfortunately, Silkie doesn’t quite fit the narrative tone of most comics featuring Starfire and her fellow Titans. However, Taylor and Meyer brilliantly found a way to sneak the little grub into the storyline. Alongside the Silkie reference, Starfire’s pajama set is exceptionally cute and comfy-looking, undoubtedly appealing to many fans. If DC were smart, they would capitalize on the hype surrounding this issue and add Starfire’s Silkie-inspired pajamas to the DC Shop. It’s a shame that DC doesn’t offer more subtle, everyday wear like this, but now is the perfect time to remedy that oversight.


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Stafire’s Silkie-Inspired Tote Bag NEEDS to Be Made Into Buyable DC Merch

In a preview of Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo’s upcoming Teen Titans: Starfire, set for release on November 5, 2024, fans were treated to a sneak peek of Starfire’s character design for this graphic novel, which included a tote bag resembling her beloved grub. This Silkie tote bag could be an amazing real-world accessory. Loungefly, the licensed pop culture apparel and accessory company, would be the ideal choice to bring it to life. With a teased Teen Titans live-action movie in the works at DC, now is the perfect time to bring these Starfire-inspired accessories to life.

TITANS #11 is available now from DC Comics!

TITANS #11 (2024)

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Lucas Meyer Colorist: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Wes Abbott Cover Artist: Chris Samnee & Mat Lopes

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