Supergirl and Superboy’s comedic team-up in Action Comics #1065 brings big laughs amidst a serious situation.
Kara and Conner are stuck on Brainiac’s ship, powerless and miniaturized, relient on reformed villains Parasite and Livewire.
While Supergirl and Superboy’s fun-sized adventure was short-lived, it provided a humorous break in the action-packed storyline.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #1065!Though it only lasted for an incredibly brief time Supergirl and Superboy’s latest adventure features their most comedic team-up ever. The Super-Family may have been taken captive by Brainiac, but Superman’s closest allies aren’t down for the count yet. Kara and Conner take on the biggest challenge of their lives in an adventure that was too hilarious to last.

In Action Comics #1065 by Joshua Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, and Mirko Colak, Supergirl and Superboy have just escaped their containment unit. Though free, the Kryptonians face a huge problem: They’re still miniaturized from their initial processing. To make matters worse, Brainiac’s ship is impairing their powers, leaving them vulnerable to the beasts patrolling the vessel.

Thankfully, Parasite and Livewire are still their normal sizes. The two reformed villains are freed by Kara and Conner, who ride on their shoulders to the ship’s armory. Livewire finds a gun used to shrink the prisoners and reverses it to re-enlarge Superboy and Supergirl.

Supergirl and Superboy’s Small Problem Brings Big Laughs

After months of plotting and hiding in the shadows, Brainiac launched one of his most devastating attacks on Metropolis. Armed with new and improved drones and a Czarnian army, Brainiac tore through the city, finding and kidnapping any person who possessed powers as part of the villain’s quest to understand Earth’s high concentration of metahuman powers. The only person who managed to avoid getting caught was Superman, who immediately sprung into action to save his family. After recruiting Lobo to help him track down Brainiac, the two headed out into space to recover the Man of Steel’s loved ones.

For almost as long as he’s been around, Brainiac has been shrinking things. While that’s usually played as a serious and terrifying threat, Supergirl and Superboy’s situation is played for laughs and it surprisingly works. There’s some tension, sure, like when the two have to avoid the monsters Brainiac has keeping watch on his ship, but for the most part, Kara and Conner bring the reader a lot of laughs with their predicament. Honestly, it’s hard not to get a chuckle out of watching the usually cocky Supergirl and Superboy being forced to ride Parasite and Livewire’s shoulders.

Supergirl and Superboy’s Situation Was a Little Too Short

“House of Brainiac” has largely been a more action-focused storyline and so far, it has succeeded in delivering a thrilling story with big stakes. However, there’s something to be said for moments of levity, especially for characters like Superboy and Supergirl, who work well being placed in more over-the-top and outlandish scenarios. Having the two stay miniaturized just a bit longer could have made for a funny plot point that helped defuse the mounting tension in this storyline. But even though it ended too soon, Supergirl and Superboy’s fun-sized adventure was humorous while it lasted.

Action Comics #1065 is available now from DC Comics.

Action Comics #1065 (2024)

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artists: Rafa Sandoval and Mirko Colak Colorists: Alejandro Sánchez and Mike Spicer Letterer: Dave Sharpe Cover Artist: Rafa Sandoval


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