McFarlane Toys will release a new Superman figure inspired by the artwork of acclaimed DC Comics creator Jim Lee. The Man of Steel statue will be available for pre-order this month.

The toy company announced the arrival of the Superman 1:6th scale figure on its official X (formerly known as Twitter) account. Pre-orders for the Lee Superman art-inspired figure will launch on April 26. The Superman figure dons the Big Blue Boy Scout’s traditional costume, complete with the hero’s classic red trunks. The toy comes with a McFarlane Toys digital collectible. Lee, currently the President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, provided the art for 2004’s “Superman: For Tomorrow” storyline, published in Superman #204-215. The artist also drew the Superman unchained miniseries, which debuted in 2013 to coincide with the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie.


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McFarlane Toys unveils its first wave of a brand-new line of collectible figurines from the DCAU series, The New Batman Adventures.

Last month, the toy giant unveiled a new Superman figure based on the Superman: Ghosts of Krypton four-issue comic book series. The Superman 7″ scale is currently available for pre-order. McFarlane Toys also showcased the first-issue cover of the Superman: Ghosts of Krypton four-part series. The Page Punchers figure revealed the iconic superhero spotting heavy-duty armor. In Superman: Ghosts of Krypton, the Man of Steel, haunted by the vision of a spectral General Zod seeking salvation, embarks on a perilous journey into the Phantom Zone.

Late last year, McFarlane Toys also announced a brand-new Superman figure modeled after his original appearance from DC’s classic comic books. Part of the Multiverse line, the classic Superman figure will be available for pre-order on December 8, 2024. The Superman toy features the hero in his signature blue suit, red cape, boots, and shorts, with a yellow belt and a smile.


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McFarlane Toys recently revealed a new classic DC Multiverse line Penguin figure, currently available for pre-order. The Collector Edition #12 Penguin 7″ scale figure, first unveiled at Wondercon, is based on the character’s classic DC Comics appearance. Per the character’s classic comic book iterations, the figure showcases the short, overweight Gotham mobster with a long nose wearing a monocle, a top hat, and a morning suit. Penguin bears his signature umbrella, which, in the comics, often doubles as a tool concealing several inventive weapons.

McFarlane Toys’ new Superman figure inspired by Jim Lee’s classic artwork will be available for pre-order starting April 26, 2024.

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