In a thrilling announcement, DC Comics has revealed that Elizabeth Marston Prince’s Trinity – the daughter of Wonder Woman from a future timeline – will soon headline her very own solo comic. Diana’s daughter made her memorable debut this past summer and was met with an enthusiastic reception from fans that has resulted in a one-shot special that promises to be an instant classic.

According to solicitation information shared by Popverse, Trinity’s standalone adventure is set to kick off this January with a highly-anticipated one-shot issue, Trinity Special #1. From the accomplished creative team of Tom King, Daniel Sampere, and Belen Ortega, this 48-page comic promises to delve into Trinity’s early years while dropping tantalizing hints about the remarkable adventures that lie ahead.

Wonder Woman’s Daughter Trinity, in Her Own Comic Special

The comic will also feature a reprinting of Trinity’s first appearance in Wonder Woman #800 – by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Cully Hamnerand, and others – and her hilarious adventures with her Super Son babysitters, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. Enjoy the official summary, below:

Featuring DC’s brightest new star, Trinity! Discover Lizzie’s earliest adventures as she takes the world of heroes by storm! Reprinting the character’s first appearance alongside hilarious tales of the little Amazon and her Super Son babysitters, this special will be an instant classic for fans old and new. Plus, a brand-new story from the all-star creative team behind Wonder Woman that will tease the future of Diana’s daughter!

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Trinity’s Comic Could Signal Her Joining Main Continuity

Wonder Woman’s daughter getting her own solo comic may be a sign that Trinity is about to join DC’s main continuity, something that has yet to be confirmed or denied. This groundbreaking development could be revolutionary, not only for Wonder Woman’s narrative but for the entire DC universe.

The addition of Trinity would undoubtedly have a profound impact on the superhero community, offering a rich tapestry of fresh narratives and character interactions for DC to delve into. If Lizzie does indeed become part of main continuity, it could forever alter Diana’s character, as the Amazonian Princess grapples with her most unexpected challenge yet: motherhood.

Trinity Ushers In The Next Generation of Heroes

While fans are eagerly awaiting Trinity’s next adventure, alt-timeline children are par for the course in superhero stories, and Diana has had them before. What’s different this time is that DC seems truly poised to bring Trinity into canon, positioning her as the last of a new younger Justice League trio of heroes. Should Trinity transition into the main continuity, DC Comics would witness the emergence of a fresh, fan-favorite trio – an alliance featuring Lizzie Prince as Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne as Batman, and Jon Kent as Superman. This evolution would mark DC’s ambitious leap into exploring the true next generation of heroes, a shift that would rejuvenate and reshape the comic book landscape. Such a transformation would breathe fresh life into the DC Universe, and could connect with a new generation of readers and fans in profound ways.

Trinity’s existence has been positioned as the endgame of DC’s new Wonder Woman series, meaning that each of her adventures hints at how Wonder Woman’s battle against her new nemesis the Sovereign will end. Trinity Special #1 will therefore be thrilling for anyone who loves this new hero, and for fans of Tom King and Daniel Sampere’s series, which has turned all of Amazon society upside down by having America declare them enemies of the state. January can’t come soon enough as fans eagerly anticipate the rise of DC’s brightest new star, Trinity – a character who holds the key to the next exhilarating chapter in the epic tale of Wonder Woman and the wondrous world of DC Comics.

Source: Graeme McMillan, Popverse

Trinity Special #1 from DC Comics debuts on January 30, 2024.

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