The DC vs. Marvel crossover resulted in the creation of Amalgam Comics, a joint imprint with cool combinations of heroes and villains.
Hero-villain combinations like King Lizard and Ra’s A-Pocalypse showcase the fusion of DC and Marvel characters in the Amalgam Universe.
Villains like Magneto, Lobo the Duck, and Green Skull demonstrate the unique amalgamation of powers and characteristics in the Amalgam Universe.

The two biggest publishers in comic books might be rivals, but DC Comics and Marvel actually co-own several characters. Fans may recall the ambitious DC vs. Marvel/Marvel vs. DC crossover that resulted in the creation of Amalgam Comics, a joint imprint co-owned by the Big Two. The books published under the imprint showcased the Amalgam Universe, a world populated by fusions of DC and Marvel characters.

Marvel and DC fans often praise the endeavor for its amazing combinations of heroes. But there were several creative amalgamations of villains as well that fused unexpected characters to create powerful, menacing threats. Read on to discover 15 of the coolest supervillains that are jointly owned by Marvel and DC.

15 King Lizard

King Lizard takes the ferocity and voracious nature of King Shark and fuses it with the terrifying and tragic aspects of the Lizard. Unlike the Marvel Universe’s Lizard, King Lizard isn’t secretly Curt Conners’ alter ego. Conners created the beast for Project Cadmus. But despite not sharing a body, Conners and King Lizard did share a psychic link with each other, allowing him to see and feel the pain his creation experienced.

14 Ra’s A-Pocalypse

This combination of Batman’s nemesis Ra’s al Ghul and the X-Men’s Apocalypse never actually appeared in the Amalgam Universe proper. He was a villain featured in Dark Claw Adventures, a riff on The Batman Adventures, the tie-in comic to Batman: The Animated Series. Ra’s A-Pocalypse possessed the same degree of intelligence as the real Ra’s, not to mention Apocalypse’s raw strength.

13 Bat-Thing

What could be more tragic than the existence of Batman’s long-suffering villain Man-Bat? A doppelganger that fuses him with Man-Thing of course. This version of the villain was dying and experimented on himself in a radical attempt to save his life using a combination of plant and animal DNA. But as one would expect, the poor doctor became a terrifying plant/bat hybrid that was stuck in his twisted new form.

12 Magneto

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Amalgam Universe’s Magneto isn’t just Erik Lehnsherr, he’s also partly Will Magnus, leader of the DC Universe’s Metal Men. Instead of leading the Brotherhood of Mutants, this villain leads a team of sentient robots that combine notable mutants with Magnus’ iconic androids. This version of Magneto is roughly on the same power level as his Marvel equivalent and has similar abilities.

11 Lobo the Duck

Howard the Duck might not be the meanest or most uncouth hero around, but what happens if he’s fused with someone like Lobo? The answer is Lobo the Duck, a hyper-violent, hard-drinking bounty hunter who utilizes every weapon at his disposal to see a job through. Lobo the Duck retains both heroes’ sense of humor and their powerful fighting abilities, making the Main Duck a serious threat to anyone around him.

10 H.E.C.T.O.R.

It only seems right to combine two of the biggest heads from the Big Two into one big problem. H.E.C.T.O.R. is a combination of M.O.D.O.K. and Green Lantern’s recurring nemesis, Hector Hammond. As a Highly Evolved Creature Totally Oriented on Revenge, H.E.C.T.O.R. uses his intelligence and psychic powers to destroy those who wrong him, including the Amalgam Universe’s Green Lantern/Iron Man hybrid, Iron Lantern.

9 The Two-Faced Goblin

Norman Osborn and Harvey Dent share a tragic similarity: They’re both haunted by villainous alter egos that often take over. Amalgam Comics played on this similarity by creating the Two-Faced Goblin, a combination of Spider-Man and Batman’s iconic foes. The Two-Faced Goblin has the same kind of technology Norman has access to in the Marvel Universe, but this Goblin is much more wild and unpredictable.

8 Professor Kang

One of the most intriguing villains in the Amalgam Universe unfortunately doesn’t make an on-page appearance. Professor Kang is mentioned in JLX #1 by the speedster hero Mercury who notes how powerful the villain is. Given both Professor Zoom, aka the Reverse-Flash, and Kang’s propensity for time travel, one can only imagine how mighty a threat something like Professor Kang would be.

7 The Big Question

What would make Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, even more intimidating? The sinister mind of the Riddler, of course. The Big Question fuses the two underworld criminals into one intimidating foe who rules his city with an iron fist. Edward Fisk retains the imposing nature of the Kingpin while also excelling in fashioning deadly puzzles and booby-traps to safeguard him from meddlesome heroes.

6 Green Skull

If Super-Soldier combined two of the greatest heroes, it’s understandable that they’d have an archenemy that fused two of the worst villains. Green Skull turns Lex Luthor and Red Skull into one terrifying opponent. Luthor’s skull is green due to experiments with kryptonite that dramatically increased his lifespan. Like Red Skull, this variant also leads HYDRA with aspirations of world domination.

5 Bizarnage

Amalgam’s Spider-Boy was a fusion of Conner Kent and Ben Reilly, and his ‘Bizarro’ was far more lethal than the DC Universe’s. Bizarnage was a clone created by Project Cadmus to replicate alien DNA only to wind up making a monster that wanted to kill as much as possible. He’s got all the sick and twisted powers of Carnage, making Bizarnage a dangerous threat.

4 Doctor Doomsday

Victor Von Doom is scary enough, but he became a literal monster in the Amalgam Universe. This version of Doom was the head scientist of Project Cadmus who was intent on unlocking the secrets of a dead alien. Unfortunately, his examination of the creature’s physiology turned the scientist into the grotesque creature known as Doctor Doomsday. Between Doom’s intelligence and Doomsday’s resilience, he was one of the most powerful Amalgam villains.

3 Hyena

The only villain who could truly challenge Amalgam’s combination of Wolverine and Batman was a foe who brought their greatest enemies together. Hyena is a hybrid of Sabretooth and the Joker. This constantly cackling criminal fused the worst aspects of both villains together. With Sabretooth’s enhanced strength and regenerative powers and the Joker’s chaotic fighting style, they were a force to be reckoned with.

2 Galactiac

What’s more dangerous than two world conquerors? A world conqueror that fuses Brainiac and Galactus. Galactiac has the worst traits of both alien menaces. He comes to worlds to consume them, but always ‘spares’ a sample city to observe and study. This malevolent cosmic force is far worse than either villain alone and left unchecked, he could destroy anything in his path.

1 Thanoseid

Amalgam’s combining of the DC and Marvel Universes brought their epic space sagas together and also created the most terrifying being in comics to life. Thanoseid is an amalgamation of the galactic despots Thanos and Darkseid and is just as cruel as either one. He also shares the missions of each villain, both desiring to impress his world’s version of Death and discover the secret of Anti-Life. He was also the central antagonist of the world-shattering, unseen Amalgam ‘event’, Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour.

The Amalgam Universe hasn’t been seen in years and chances are it’s not coming back anytime soon. But these 15 villains stand out as some of the coolest owned by DC Comics and Marvel.

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