Creature Commandos will be the first series released in the DC Universe, serving as an apéritif before James Gunn’s Superman. Expected to hit Max before the end of 2024, Gunn recently gave an update on the highly-anticipated animated project, which is currently in production.

Responding to a DC fan on Threads, Gunn — who is co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran — shared that “animatics and all recording” are finished for Creature Commandos, writing that he is now “waiting on the first animated cuts.” One of the first DCU projects announced by Gunn during his January 2023 slate reveal, Creature Commandos will focus on the titular team of military superhumans and monsters who were first introduced by DC Comics in 1980’s Weird War Tales #93 by writer J. M. DeMatteis and artist Pat Broderick.


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Creature Commandos Has Ties to the DCEU

While the comics’ Creature Comandos’ missions took place during World War II, the DCU iteration will be set in the modern day, with Rick Flag Sr. replacing Lt. Matthew Shrieve as the team’s leader. While Rick Flag Sr. hasn’t been adapted much, his son, Rick Flag Jr., appeared in the two DC Extended Universe-set Suicide Squad films, portrayed by Joel Kinnaman. While the movie itself is no longer canon, certain events from 2021’s The Suicide Squad will be, with Sean Gunn confirming that Creature Commandos will reveal “a lot more about Weasel,” who debuted in the DCEU movie.

Besides Gunn, who also voices G.I. Robot, the cast of Creature Commandos includes Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr., David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein, Maria Bakalova as Princess Ilana Rostovic, Indira Varma as the Bride of Frankenstein, Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk as Doctor Phosphorus, and Anya Chalotra as Circe. Viola Davis and Steve Agee will also reprise their roles from the DCEU as A.R.G.U.S. agents Amanda Waller and John Economos, respectively, for the series.


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Superman Is Keeping James Gunn Busy

In addition to overseeing the creative side of all DC Studios productions, Gunn is directing the forthcoming movie, Superman, from a screenplay he wrote. The highly-anticipated reboot has been in production since Feb. 29, filming in Norway, Atlanta, and Ohio. Plot details are scarce for Superman, although Gunn previously shared that the movie will follow the titular hero as he tries to reconcile his Kryptonian roots with his human upbringing. The reboot will also avoid retelling the Man of Steel’s origin story, instead picking up with Clark Kent already operating as the superhero in Metropolis while working at the Daily Planet.

David Corenswet leads the cast of Superman as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, with Rachel Brosnahan, Nicholas Hoult, Skyler Gisondo, and Wendell Pierce starring as supporting characters Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White, respectively. The cast also includes Sara Sampaio as Eve Teschmacher, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho, María Gabriela de Faría as The Engineer, and Terence Rosemore as Otis, with Pruitt Taylor Vince and Neva Howell playing Clark’s adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, respectively.

Creature Commandos is slated to premiere on Max in fall 2024.

Source: Threads

Creature Commandos

Follows a group of military super humans composed by a human leader, a werewolf, a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster and a gorgon.

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