Wonder Woman has had a diverse range of romantic interests, including war hero Steve Trevor, Aquaman, Nemesis, Batman, and Superman, showcasing her ability to connect with different individuals.
Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s original love interest, served as a bridge between the Amazons and the outside world, offering a grounded perspective to her immortal adventures.
While Superman and Wonder Woman are often portrayed as the ultimate power couple in DC comics, their romance has been overshadowed by mortal love interests such as Lois Lane and Steve Trevor, although hints of their mutual interest remain.

Since first exploding into the comic book medium back in 1941, Wonder Woman has frequently captured readers’ imaginations with her mythical origin story, colorful adventures, and noble warrior spirit. Successful film and TV adaptations have continued to bolster the classic DC character’s mainstream prominence over the years as well.

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In all that time, Wonder Woman has enjoyed an active dating life, with a whole host of interesting romantic interests to choose from. While war hero Steve Trevor is arguably the most famous of Diana Prince’s romances from over the years, the Themysciran has numerous other colorful and famous characters on the record as well. Some of these relationships have explored different facets of Wonder Woman’s personality and interests, while also showcasing her ability to connect with a diverse range of individuals.

6 Trevor Barnes Was A Likable But Doomed Romantic Interest

This noble human rights advocate served as an important love interest for Wonder Woman during the early noughties. Meeting the iconic DC character through their work with the UN, Barnes is initially hesitant to pursue a romance but changes his tune after realizing that the Justice Leaguer is indeed interested in him.

He helped Wonder Woman take on Villainy, Inc. in the supernatural, inner-Earth land of Skartaris. Despite their shared interests in justice and humanitarianism, the pair opt to go their separate ways. Unfortunately for Barnes, the writers were far from done when it came to putting him through some wringers. Possessed by the villainous Shattered God, Barnes first ages drastically during a supernatural attempt at freeing him of the possession, before being outright killed when Zeus steps in. With both Barnes and the Shattered God out of the picture due to Zeus’ vicious actions, this is one Wonder Woman love interest who did not get any semblance of a happy ending.

Blink and you’ll miss it, the King of Atlantis briefly made the moves on Wonder Woman at a much earlier point in their superheroic lives. The pair’s moment was revealed in a 1995 issue of Aquaman Annual.

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Rescuing Diana from Triton, a monstrous god of the seas, Arthur Curry later reveals his romantic feelings for the Princess of the Amazons. The early point in time that this meeting occurred gave readers a look at the characters before they met their leading love interests. With neither Steve Trevor nor Mera in the picture, the potential of these two becoming an item was higher than it’s ever been in more standard, present-day stories. Aquaman’s keen interest in Wonder Woman was also alluded to in the infamous Joss Whedon cut of Justice League, where he reveals both his romantic thoughts on her and that the Atlanteans and Amazonians went to war centuries earlier.

4 Nemesis Sees Wonder Woman Briefly Seeking Commitment

Despite the ominous name, Tom Tresser was a gutsy vigilante who managed to win Wonder Woman’s heart for a spell. Hailing from a tough, secret agent background, Tresser’s crime-fighting ways were an obvious reason for his appeal to the legendary DC hero.

Believing him to be a suitable partner from an Amazonian, cultural perspective, Wonder Woman shockingly proposes to Tresser, despite openly admitting to not being truly in love with him. Due to his all-action, crime-fighting lifestyle, however, Nemesis turns the proposal down. The dynamic between the two showed Diana Prince in a very different light than usual, with her mind fully on potentially settling down and pursuing a more family-oriented lifestyle. While it didn’t last long, this thoughtful, practical romance was an intriguing piece of writing that reflected on the personal life struggles of characters committed to the dangerous superheroic life.

3 A Batman Romance Has Frequently Been Teased

Rare but not unheard of, romantic connotations between Wonder Woman and The Dark Knight have popped up many times over the years in both comic books and animated shows. The pair provide an opposites-attract dynamic, considering Wonder Woman’s more extroverted stance on truth and justice compared to Batman’s grim, gritty approach to fighting crime.

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Both Justice League Unlimited and its follow-up series greatly expanded on the concept of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince potentially becoming an item. Prince even probes the issue in one episode, suggesting the two take their mutual attraction to the next level. In a disappointing turn for shippers of the pair, however, Batman shoots down their romantic potential, citing the potential complications of teammates dating, as well as his own commitment issues. Regardless, writers such as Joe Kelly have further explored the dynamic in Justice League comics, teasing readers with this unconventional pairing of beloved superheroes.

2 Superman And Wonder Woman Are The Ultimate DC Power Couple

The New 52 saw DC go all in on a Superman/Wonder Woman romance after several Elseworlds depictions in stories such as Kingdom Come and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. With both classic heroes possessing immense superpowers and brave commitment to fighting the good fight, their union is a supervillain’s worst nightmare.

Both hailing from very different settings and cultures to more grounded, real-world-focused characters, the pair have plenty to relate over, both in their fantastical backgrounds and in their justice-focused efforts in society. While comic book writers have often ultimately veered both characters back to more mortal love interests such as Lois Lane and Steve Trevor, respectively, hints of the pair’s mutual interest in one another have frequently been sprinkled in over the decades. The polarizing New 52 garnered plenty of attention and interest back in 2012 when the relationship between the pair was revealed, confirming their romantic dynamic remains a hot topic among DC fans.

1 Steve Trevor Served As A Bridge Between The Amazons And The Rest Of The World For Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s original love interest offered an intriguing look at the culture clash of Themyscira and the world at large. Crash-landing on the home of the Amazons, the army pilot becomes both an ally and eventual lover to the iconic Justice League member.

As a mere mortal, Trevor has often provided a grounded sense of vulnerability to the high-concept, super-powered adventures of the immortal Diana Prince. Trevor’s commitment to bravely fighting for justice aligns with Wonder Woman’s values, planting the seeds for their bond. The 2017 film depicted their passionate romance effectively, from early flirtations as he introduced her to the world beyond Themyscira to genuine love as the pair grow to appreciate one another’s strengths. Overall, Steve Trevor is a seminal figure in the Wonder Woman mythos who remains her best-known and most utilized love interest.

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