At first glance, the cover art from Matheus Lopes is poster-worthy, seeing almost the entire team of heroes fight against one of their more personal enemies. It has a retro-sort of style that is attractive, imaginative, and makes the reader excited for what the month’s issue is all about. In issue 10, the Dark-Winged Queen storyline continues on its third installment with Raven crossing the metaphorical bridge of corruption and onto the side where her father is the supreme ruler.

The story begins with a demon named Trilogy wandering Trigon’s Throne Room in Hell, on the verge of grabbing a weapon that would alter their size by making them colossal. Trinity is caught by Servillius, another demon who is much closer to Trigon than the latter. He encourages Trinity to grab the weapon, tripling his strength and power, and his physical prowess too. One of the weirder actions in this scene is when Servillius tells Trinity to remember him if he should succeed in his mission to garner Trigon’s attention and make him forget all about the golden child, Raven.

As soon as Trinity departs, Trigon and Servillius talk. We see just how desperate Trigon is for Raven to come around, as he says he’s willing to sacrifice as many of his children as it takes for Raven to realize her true potential.

Back in the overworld, a huge hole opens up in the earth, with a demon who looks to be on  steroids holding a battle axe. The demon, with innocent bystanders freaked out given the supernatural element of it all, summons Raven to face him. In the heat of the moment, Beast Boy, having taken the shape of a horse, is given attitude by a person who wants nothing to do with him. A woman accompanying the arrogant fellow gets put in his place and the two ride away on the green horse’s back. It makes me think, that with the public still having negative attitudes towards the Titans, that there will be some sort of huge revenge arc where the Titans and the public stand up against either media companies or even Amanda Waller…

However, during the conflict of Raven vs. Trilogy, she slices the demon’s mega arm. More specifically, the arm holding the steroid staff, making the demon shrink down into a normal size. Raven takes the demon back and absorbs him in her red prism, growing exponentially stronger by collecting them and getting ready to finish building the crown for a dark-winged queen!

The last page continues with the ambitions of Amanda Waller, where she is working with a scientist to build something capable of eliminating the Titans. It’s a robot, mechanical device that appears way too human for the experiments to even be ethical. Whether this robot will help the Titans against their fore coming conflict with Trigon though is just a question only time has the answer too!

 Raven grows stronger each and every page in Issue #10 of the Titans by Tom Taylor (@TomTaylorMade)!  Read More