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One of the perennial titles in Marvel Comics’ catalog has sold out again. But don’t worry, they’re no fools – they’ve already announced plans to reprint it – as well they should, since, the characer is about to make his MCU debut.

Marvel Comics has informed comic book stores that Wolverine by Claremont & Miller Deluxe Edition has sold out at the distributor level, and they’ve started taking orders for a new printing. This comes just nine months after they were in a similiar predicament. While Marvel rarely – if ever – reveals their print runs, the fact that whatever they printed of this Wolverine book back in August 2023 has already sold out speaks to the demand for these comics 42 years after it was initially published.

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Originally published in 1982, the four-issue Wolverine series helped define who the character was within Marvel and the world. It’s hard to fathom it now, but until this 1982 series, Wolverine was simply part of the X-Men team and not considered a major character on its own ‘worthy’ of a solo series. But with this four-issue series, that all changed.

This Wolverine series was also one of Marvel’s first real attempts at collecting its comic books into a book format for re-sale, with the 1st printing coming in 1987 – and being steadily reprinted for nearly 40 years.

Amazon and perhaps your local comic shop could still have some copies of Wolverine by Claremont & Miller Deluxe Edition available – or at least you could place your order now to beat the rush once Hugh Jackman makes his MCU debut this July in Deadpool & Wolverine.

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