Batman and Deathstroke engage in a unique cosplay battle of wits, playing chess instead of fighting with fists and weapons. @batmateo and @cosplaycaitlin have put together the perfect take on this iconic DC feud. This cosplay showcases a new and hilarious twist on the rivalry between Batman and Deathstroke, highlighting the creativity of talented cosplayers.

The Dark Knight of Gotham City, known as Batman, and the deadly mercenary named Deathstroke the Terminator have been locked in a decades-long battle that constantly forces both characters to up their game in increasingly effective ways that give them the slightest chance at overcoming the other in a fight. Usually facing off with fists and kicks and high-tech weaponry, this new cosplay flips the script and sees the pair locked in a different kind of battle, one that’s destined to go viral!

A clip and set of photos uploaded to Instagram by @batmateo and @cosplaycaitlin — the Batman and Deathstroke cosplayers featured in the posts, respectively — these creative talents are no strangers to designing and wearing unique live-action looks that show off their skills as creators.

Focusing his cosplay efforts on Batman, @batmateo has donned different versions of The Caped Crusader’s suit, ranging from his Ben Affleck batsuit to a tuxedoed Batman and more, always impressing with the realism and detail presented in each design. Meanwhile, @cosplaycaitlin has tried stepping into the shoes of the magic user and Justice League Dark members known as Zatanna and has also helped the cosplay community by photographing some of their best work.


“Freaking Real Life Action Figure”: Batman Cosplay Nails the 1 Detail No Movie Ever Has

Batman’s film look usually does a good job of adapting his character for the big screen, with one detail making its live-action debut in cosplay form!

Batman And Deathstroke Play A Game Of Chess In New Cosplay Clip

A rivalry with Batman that goes back to his introduction in the 80s, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, technically originated as a villain of the Teen Titans but immediately became a problem for more than just these heroes thanks to his accelerated healing factor, proficiency with firearms, and swords, and tactical mind second to none. Famously going at it in 2019’s Batman vs. Deathstroke comic event as well as countless other interactions over the years, Batman and Slade are evenly matched whenever they face off, with this cosplay showing them fighting in a new way that puts brain over brawn in a nail-biting chess match!

A cosplay battle shown in both the video post and the set of photos that follow it, @batmateo’s Batman and @cosplaycaitlin’s Deathstroke sit across from one another deep in thought as they duke it out with the power of their minds. Dressed in homemade costumes that are the spitting image of their comic book counterparts, this clip gets even better because even though Batman and Slade are locked in a battle of wits, Deathstroke still can’t shake his violent tendencies as he strikes out at Batman with a hidden knife, an attack that Batman blocks, only to have Batman add insult to injury by taking one of Slade’s pieces, giving fans a hilarious twist on a superhero fight that’s exclusive to the cosplay community.

Batman and Deathstroke Cosplay Shows Them In A Battle Of Wits

So while it’s highly doubtful that Batman and Deathstroke will ever sit down long enough in DC’s comic book universe to play a full game of chess before resorting to fisticuffs, talented creators like @batmateo and @cosplaycaitlin prove that there’s always room for iconic comic characters like these to settle their many differences in new ways. Batman and Deathstroke cosplays are a dime a dozen, but when placing their smarts and strategic minds in the spotlight rather than their physical prowess and mastery over martial arts, fans get to experience something truly unique that does both characters justice.

Sources: @batmateo and @cosplaycaitlin

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