Warning! Contains spoilers for Superman #13!


Superman’s fight with Lobo in
#13 brings to mind how he lost control in the
version of Superman turned into a cruel dictator after being manipulated into killing Lois Lane.
While the main Superman would never become a true monster, this scene is a reminder of what could happen if the Man of Steel really lost control of his anger.

Superman is typically shown as a bright and cheery character who is a beacon of hope for the characters in the DC Universe. Despite his godlike powers, Superman is just a man and is subject to the same emotions as everyone else. When pushed too far, he might just snap, which Lobo found out the hard way.

Lobo finds out just how brutal Superman can really be in Superman #13 by Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval. In this story, Superman’s family has been kidnapped by Brainiac, and to find where Brainiac has gone, Superman brutally hunts down and attacks Lobo to beat the information out of him.

While Lobo is initially excited at the thought of brawling with Superman, Superman quickly beats down Lobo by using his heat vision to temporarily blind Lobo before slamming him down into the ground. Even Lobo remarks on how Superman seems to be “fighting dirty,” which has terrifying implications for the DCU.


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Injustice Superman Became a World-wide Dictator

Superman is usually a bright and sunny character; he often has to be due to the power that he has. If people saw Superman, a being who can level cities in seconds, throwing a rageful tantrum, it would ruin their perception of him and even make them fear him. Because of this, Superman is almost always seen with a smile, and he does his best to keep his emotions in check, but Superman is still just a man and can be pushed over the edge. When Superman’s family is kidnapped, he wastes no time trying to find them, and the methods and anger he shows are a dark reminder of the Injustice universe.

It’s alarming to see Superman in a fit of rage, knowing just how far he could potentially go if he lets that rage consume him.

In the Injustice universe, the Joker decided he wanted to corrupt Superman. To this end, the Joker kills Jimmy Olsen and kidnaps Lois Lane; using fear gas, he then tricks Superman into killing Lois and their unborn child. This event pushes Superman over the edge, and Superman becomes an evil dictator as he tries to impose order and safety on the world. While Injustice is another universe, it’s still alarming to see Superman in a fit of rage, knowing just how far he could potentially go if he lets that rage consume him.

Superman’s son, Jon Kent, met the
version of his father in the miniseries
Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent
by Tom Taylor and Clayron Henry.

Superman’s Brutal Attack On Lobo Is Reminiscent Of His Worst Moments In Injustice

The First Injustice: Gods Among Us Collection Is by Tom Taylor and Various Artists

Plenty of characters fear or dislike Superman — especially Amanda Waller, who recently admitted that part of the reason she’s gone after superheroes is because of all the alternate versions of Superman that turn evil. While there’s no doubt that the main version of Superman would never become a monster, his treatment of Lobo doesn’t make him look good. While Lobo can definitely handle the punishment, he is still innocent in this situation, but that doesn’t stop Superman from blasting him with heat vision before brutally slamming him into the ground.

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SUPERMAN #13 (2024)

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Rafa Sandoval Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez Letterer: Ariana Maher Cover Artist: Rafa Sandoval, Alejandro Sanchez

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