As the latest Bat-Family conflict unfurls on the streets of Gotham, something fans have long suspected now stands irrefutably affirmed: Tim Drake, the third Robin, is the Bat-Family’s best fighter. Despite DC’s apparent hesitancy to grant this well-deserved recognition, this fact has been repeatedly underscored by Tim’s role in the DC Universe, with the latest testament to Tim’s prowess emerging in the midst of the Bat-Family’s devastating Gotham War.

Batman #138 – by Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, and Tomeu Morey – continues the Gotham War story arc, featuring a confrontation pitting Damian Wayne, and a mentally compromised Bruce Wayne, against Tim Drake and Dick Grayson.

During the skirmish, Tim and Damian face off against each other, resulting in a battle that solidifies the fact that Tim Drake is the ultimate fighter of his family.

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Tim Drake Isn’t Afraid to Fight Dirty In Order To Emerge Victorious

The showdown in Batman #138 arises from the Bat-Family’s collective effort to regain control over Bruce, who is under the influence of his overpowering alternate personality -Zur-En-Arrh. In the realm of comics, winning a fight transcends mere physical prowess; it hinges on adaptability and creativity – attributes that Tim Drake possesses in abundance. Despite the Boy Wonder’s candid acknowledgment that he is not the most adept physical combatant, it doesn’t diminish his claim to the title of ultimate fighter, not when cunning and resourcefulness enter the equation. This distinction shines brilliantly in a riveting sequence from Batman #138, where Tim and Damian throw down in hand-to-hand combat.

Tim Drake Has The Potential To Take Down Every DC Villain And Hero

Just as Damian appears to gain the upper hand, Tim executes a surprise move, administering an electric shock, temporarily incapacitating his younger brother. The move is dirty, but Tim is more than aware that no one said heroes have to fight fair to win. Tim’s brilliance as a fighter shines through in his unparalleled preparedness for every conceivable scenario, rivaling and quite possibly surpassing Bruce’s own level of readiness. This is evident across multiple comic runs; Tim has orchestrated the downfall of some of DC’s most formidable heroes and villains. Notably, in the Titans Tomorrow timeline, Tim discloses that he became Batman by meticulously plotting contingencies for nearly everyone in the DC Universe.

Among Tim’s most impressive takedowns are when he entrapped Superman in red kryptonite in Superman Vol. 4 #37 – by Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Jorge Jimenez, and Alejandro Sanchez – and outsmarted Shazam with a recorded snippet of the hero’s transformation in Teen Titans #19 – by Geoff Johns and Mike McKone. This type of strategic genius sets Tim apart, as not just a fighter, but a master tactician. Throughout his storied comic book history, Tim Drake’s prowess as a combat strategist is undeniable. He consistently finds inventive ways to triumph over his adversaries, proving that he is the Bat-Family’s best fighter.

This conclusion has certain implications for the DC universe. Tim’s status as the ultimate fighter and strategist is a boon for the hero community, but it also makes him a formidable threat. It also means that his own claim to the mantle of Batman – should Bruce Wayne need to step away from the role in the midst of his struggle with Zur-En-Arrh – cannot be overlooked. As he showed in Titans Tomorrow, the third Robin may in fact be the greatest heir to the cowl. While DC may never officially recognize Tim Drake’s status as the Bat-Family’s best fighter, the evidence speaks volumes, and it is clear which Robin reigns supreme.

Batman #138 is now available from DC Comics!

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