(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment / Francesco Mattina)


Despite his original animated series only lasting a single season of 20 episodes, Space Ghost became an enduring presence. The Hanna-Barbera star recently returned in a critically acclaimed comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Now the new series seems ready to answer a long-pondered question – Who is Space Ghost?

Written by David Pepose, with art by Jonathan Lau, Space Ghost #2 continues where the first issue left off. The Phantom of the Spaceways has taken two orphaned children, Jan and Jace, into his care. The situation is far from ideal, however, and his hard-traveling lifestyle would be difficult even ignoring the dark forces hunting them. In the midst of this, the mystery man reflects on his past and seems to recall his first name.

Six pages from Space Ghost #2 can be viewed below.

(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment / Jonathan Lau)

Back in the 1960s, secret identities were part and parcel of the superhero lifestyle. Almost every costumed crimefighter, no matter how obsessive, had a life outside of their vigilantism. Most of them also had a clearly defined history, explaining how they got their powers and why they became a crimefighter. Space Ghost was a notable exception, having no backstory or secret identity. He simply was a hero, with no motivations beyond doing good.

This added to the mystique of the character over time, and the new Dynamite series plays into this aura of mystery. The blurb promoting the first issue offered three different backgrounds. It suggested he is either a rogue lawman, the sole survivor of a war-torn planet, or a literal spirit of vengeance.

The only previous attempt to give him a history came in a 2005 comic book published by DC Comics. Here, he was Thaddeus Bach, a good policeman betrayed by crooked cops, who turned vigilante to see justice done after the murder of his wife and unborn child. This name in itself was a nod to the comedic Space Ghost Coast To Coast show. There, his real name was given as Thad Ghostal. Regardless, Space Ghost’s secret identity in this new reality remains a mystery to be explored.

Space Ghost #2 arrives in comic shops everywhere on June 5, 2024.


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”}]] A flashback in the preview pages of Space Ghost #2 teases the answer to a long-running mystery behind the superhero’s history.  Read More