Starfield’s new side quest “Mantis” is a thrilling homage to Batman, with the main character embodying the Space Batman persona as a renowned pirate-hunter. The Mantis’ lair is designed to resemble the iconic Batcave, complete with displayed costumes, vehicles, and a high-tech computer setup. Players have the opportunity to become the next Mantis by completing puzzles, fending off security systems, and acquiring the legendary Mantis space suit and ship, providing early-game loot and rewards.

Bethesda’s new RPG Starfield allows players to explore a huge galaxy and embark on many expansive side quests. These side missions can range from fending off Terrormorphs to negotiating a settlement agreement between an inhabited planet and a 200-year-old “generation ship”, but the Mantis adventure in particular is perfect for fans of DC Comics, and more specifically Batman.

There’s no doubt that Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in modern media. Considering Starfield‘s focus on space exploration, the choice to have a mission so heavily inspired by one of the more primarily Earth-based, human heroes on DC’s roster is surprising, especially when there are plenty of characters with closer ties to aliens and space adventures such as Superman, the Green Lantern Corps, or even Martian Manhunter, the latter of which has origins on Mars, a planet that can be visited in Starfield. This is, however, one of the reasons it came as such a surprise for those fortunate enough to stumble across it.

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The Mantis Side Quest Is Clearly Inspired By Batman

Quite early into the game, upon finding a note on a dead Spacer about a “Once in a lifetime opportunity,” players unlock a secret side quest called “Mantis.” This note leads to the location of a secret outpost on Denebola 1-B (a moon of Denebola 1) and upon clearing out a group of Spacers, they can adventure deeper into “The Lair of the Mantis.”

While progressing further into this lair an objective appears to learn more about this location by checking the bodies of Spacers and the surrounding area for slates and audio logs. Through doing this, a better idea of The Mantis is formed, with the renowned pirate-hunter clearly being some kind of Space Batman, with a wealth of gadgets, vehicles, and a legend built around them to instill fear in the criminals of The Settled Systems.

The Lair Of The Mantis Is Starfield’s Batcave

The Mantis’ lair is heavily inspired by the Batcave. The Mantis’ costume (which admittedly doesn’t resemble the Batsuit) is displayed in a glass case similar to how the Batsuits are often displayed and there are vehicles on various levels of platforms, much like how the Batmobile and Batwing are often positioned. The Mantis’ high-tech computer setup is also comprised of several screens and is laid out exactly like some iterations of the Batcomputer.

Players Can Become The Next Mantis

Traditionally, Batman is Bruce Wayne, but there have been some stories in which the Dark Knight mantle has been passed down between mentor and prot?g?, such as when the first Robin, Dick Grayson, took up the role upon Bruce’s apparent death during Final Crisis, or how Terry McGinnis did in the futuristic Batman Beyond series. Starfield‘s Mantis seems to take from the idea that this identity can be transferred similarly, with the most recent to don the mantle being Leon Voclain, who inherited it from his mother (who was already one of many Mantises) upon her passing despite their strained relationship.

Upon completing a floor tile puzzle using clues contained in the acquired shards and logs, and fending off some of the security systems’ robots, players gain full access to the Lair of the Mantis and can become the next in the line of Mantises by taking the Legendary Mantis space suit, boost pack and helmet from the glass display case. The lair, despite being a Level 30 mission, can be unlocked early in the game and therefore provides some of the best early-game loot in the entire game.

One of the best early Legendary ships in Starfield is also unlockable in this area: The Razorleaf. The Razorleaf is a sleek interception and combat craft that will hold up even later in the game, with its speed and incredible power making it perfect for space combat alongside a trait that makes some enemies flee from battle. Its one downside, however, is that it has limited cargo capacity and only allows for a few crew members due to its size. The extremely impressive rewards and vast, absorbing location make for one of the coolest side quests in Starfield. While telling its own story with the lore behind The Mantis, Bethesda’s extremely evident homage to Batman is a welcome surprise.

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