Nightwing cosplayer @stiger_man_613 showcases an impressive Dark Multiverse version of the character, dressed as a member of the Court of Owls. The Court of Owls is a secret cabal in Gotham City who manipulate events from the shadows, and they attempt to recruit Nightwing as one of their own. This unique cosplay design presents an intriguing twist on Nightwing’s character and poses the question of whether he will ultimately succumb to the influence of the Court of Owls.

In DC Comics, Nightwing and the Court of Owls have crossed paths more than once, the latter being incredibly resourceful in their constant attempts at meddling with the affairs of this one-time Boy Wonder. Yet for as heroic as Dick Grayson is in DC’s main universe, his Dark Multiverse counterpart has no such obligation, with a new cosplay showing what Nightwing would look like as a member of the Court of Owls.

Recently shared on social media via Instagram by the Nightwing cosplayer in the photos, @stiger_man_613 is a prolific creative talent who always has something nerdy for their thousands of followers to enjoy, especially during the comic industry’s busy con season.

Dressing as another iconic DC character in Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker, @stiger_man_613 has also dressed as Marvel’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and has donned multiple versions of his suit ranging from his classic look to Spidey’s Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man 2099 incarnations, all of which impress with their highly comic-accurate designs.


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Nightwing Becomes The Court of Owls’ Newest Member In Epic DC Cosplay

Introduced in 2012’s Batman run by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, the Court of Owls is a centuries-old secret cabal of highly powerful and influential Gothamites who pull Gotham City’s strings from the shadows. Not particularly fond of Batman and his Bat-Family, Nightwing had his own unique experience with the group after they attempted to crown him the “Gray Son” and recruit him to their cause as a Talon. Unfortunately for the Court, Nightwing didn’t fall to their influence, something this Dark Multiversal cosplay version of the character can’t say the same about.

Kicking off Nightwing’s fall to the dark side in the first post, @stiger_man_613 is shown mid-battle with a trio of Talons he can’t seem to overcome, setting up the next two photos that see Nightwing become the latest member of the Court of Owls. Already dressing in a textured comic-accurate bodysuit that acts as the perfect live-action look for the character, @stiger_man_613 adds one of the Court’s signature white owl masks to their ensemble, effectively bringing to life a villainous version of Nightwing who stands shoulder to shoulder with his former enemies ready for anything.

Court of Owls Cosplay Turns Nightwing Into A Threat To All of Gotham City

The idea of Nightwing working for the enemy is an interesting twist on his good guy persona, and since this cosplay takes place in the Dark Multiverse, Dick’s fellow Bat-Family members will likely try and fail to save him from his fate, setting in motion the downfall of Batman and everything he holds dear. Nightwing commanding the power and influence of the Court of Owls is a version of the character who should make his debut in comics somewhere down the line, but until then, @stiger_man_613’s unique cosplay design will have to do.

Source: @stiger_man_613

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