DC Comics is home to many great heroes, villains and powers. Some of the ideas the company has always excelled at include the subject of magic, history and mythology. Considering DC’s aptitude for these, it’s only natural that they’d make good use of a series of artifacts, from both their own canon and real world mythology.

DC’s artifacts range in abilities, from helpful trinkets to world-altering items. Some of these give DC’s biggest bad guys their powers, while others are key tools for heroes. These make for some of the most interesting parts of the stories of superheroes, and the universe wouldn’t be the same without some of these powerful objects.

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10 The Lasso Of Truth

Wonder Woman has always had a vast arsenal of weapons and artifacts at her disposal, such as her sword, shield and bracelets. However, the handiest and most powerful item in her ensemble is the Lasso of Truth, which compels her enemies to reveal the truth, while also being practically indestructible.

The Lasso of Truth was forged by the Greek god Hephaestus, and has been successfully used by the heroine against some of the most powerful beings in the DCU. The artifact is even a threat to Diana, as it’s one of her few weaknesses and can bind her if used by one of her enemies.

9 The Philosopher’s Stone

One of DC’s most powerful yet often forgotten artifacts is the Philosopher’s Stone. Created by the magician Simon Magnus, the stone has the power, as told in legend, of transmutation and can alter states of matter, turning one item into another. Naturally, it has a lot of value, especially in DC’s magical world.

The Philosopher’s Stone was recently used by Batman and Superman to create the “SuperBat,” proving it can even merge different characters to create new beings. In possession of some of DC’s bad guys, the stone could be used to create new monsters and threats, not to mention weapons and wealth.

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8 The Suit Of Souls

The Suit of Souls, best known for empowering the superhero Ragman, is similar to Katana’s Soultaker sword — which has similar abilities — but goes even further. Magically stitched together by rags that contain the souls of evildoers, Rory Regan’s suit can protect him from various forms of harm.

The Suit of Souls has been shown in some stories to give Regan the knowledge of the beings imprisoned within it. All the souls combined can imbue Ragman with powers of super strength and stamina, as well as allowing him to mimic flight by riding air currents.

7 Alan Scott’s Starheart

For years, Alan Scott’s exact place in Green Lantern lore was quite mysterious, due to the fact he had all the makings of a Corpsman, yet was distinct from the Corps. It was later revealed he was in possession of the Starheart, a sentient entity of magic created by the Guardians of the Universe and trapped within a lantern.

Alan Scott later discovered this Green Lantern and ring, with the power of the Starheart contained within. These items give the user access to some of the most potent magic in the DCU, giving the mastery over the Green Flame of Life, and powers that can include passing through matter and flight.

6 The Spear Of Destiny

Ripped straight from Biblical mythology, the Spear of Destiny is the mythical blade that was used to cut Jesus Christ himself. It has since become known as the artifact that Hitler believed would help win him the Second World War, a part of occult history that featured in DC Comics history.

The Spear of Destiny is so powerful within the DC universe that it’s actually a god-killing weapon, one of the few of its kind. Not only that but it also gives its owner a level of invulnerability from enemy magic users. It was even used by Hitler to summon a flight of mythical Valkyries to assassinate President Roosevelt — making it one of DC’s most consequential weapons.

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5 The Trident Of Poseidon

The Trident of Poseidon, best seen in possession of Aquaman, was once the weapon of the mythical Greek god of the seven seas himself. Under control of the aquatic Justice Leaguer, it can be used by its owner to control bodies of water, manipulate oceanic weather and, of course, be used as an old-fashioned, god-killing weapon.

The Trident of Poseidon could, if its user so desired, be used to flood land, cause torrential storms or sink ships at will, not to mention the power to create water-based manifestations. Anybody in control of the trident could command the seas and wage war on the surface — as has been feared by enemies of Atlantis.

4 The Book Of Destiny/Souls

One of the great aspects of DC’s magical side is how the universe contains the physical embodiments of concepts, such as Death and Destiny. The character of Destiny possesses his magical Book of Destiny, a log of everything that ever was, is or shall be within the universe.

The Book of Destiny is effectively the manifestation of knowledge within the DCU, and its effects on the reader can range from instilling terror to leaving them weakened. Coveted by many, anyone who possesses the book would basically be omniscient, even if it would take a severe toll on them.

3 The Heart Of Darkness

Mined from the pits of Apokolips itself, the Heart of Darkness was used by Darkseid to destroy those who sought to depose him. After it was taken to Earth, it bonded with the vengeful spirit Eclipso, essentially the evil counterpart to Spectre, who can bond with hosts and use them to enact evil.

Eclipso’s Heart of Darkness contains his essence, and can possess anyone who invites him in. Therefore, anyone who has control over the stone risks turning into an evil celestial spirit of evil, something that single-handedly triggered the Day of Vengeance event.

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2 The Universal Ring

Created for the Boom! Studios/DC Comics crossover between Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes, the Universal Ring was a product of the Guardians of the Universe. Much as the name suggests, the ring can channel all the powers of the various Lantern Corps and the light spectrum.

The Universal Ring allowed Cornelius to become the most unusual heroes in the universe as various members of different Corps descended upon him to take it for themselves. It’s unclear whether the object will ever make an appearance in full DC canon, but similar objects have been explored, such as Highfather’s scepter.

1 The Helmet Of Fate

Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful magicians in comics, thanks to his possession of the Helmet of Fate and its inhabitant: The spirit of Nabu. One of DC’s powerful Lords of Order, Nabu gives his host reality-warping powers and mastery over magic.

The Helmet of Fate can fit anyone, but it takes a strong mind to resist the corrupting influence of Nabu, which is what makes it so dangerous. In the wrong hands, the Helmet of Fate could create DC’s strongest villain, whose magic could even overwhelm Superman.

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