DC has a history of holiday specials featuring Lobo. That tradition continues this Halloween, with a story that also takes aim at several popular superhero actors.

The hilarity unfolds in “Happy Hal(Lobo)ween!,” a short story in DC’s Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Halloween Special. Presented by Hans Rodionoff, Adam F. Goldberg, Danny Earls and Patricio Delpeche, the story finds the Main Man invited to a Halloween party. This leads him to pester his daughter, Crush, regarding a costume.

Anxious to get rid of her annoying thug of a father, Crush suggests “a certain badass played by Hugh Jackman,” who everyone says Lobo is like. This is a clear reference to Wolverine from the X-Men, who, like Lobo, enjoys, drinking, fighting and fine cigars. Unfortunately, because this is a DC book, Crush can’t legally mention Logan by name.

This is unfortunate, because Lobo runs through every great musical role Hugh Jackman ever played on screen. Lobo may be the best bounty hunter in the DC Universe, but his musical skills are not that great. This pushes Crush to suggest he dress like “another famous superhero from the movies that looks exactly you.” This leads to Lobo dressing up like Aquaman, despite his instance that he looks nothing like the King of the Seven Seas.

This is a clear nod to actor Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the DCEU. While Momoa proved popular in the role, there is little resemblance between the long-haired, bearded Momoa and the traditional portrayal of Aquaman in the comics. It has also been commented that Momoa is a dead ringer for Lobo, physically.

The final punchline is that Lobo’s costume fools King Shark, who attacks him thinking he is the real Aquaman. The fact that his hair is the wrong color matters little to the dim-witted villain. It’s a fitting bit of karma, given the annoyance Lobo put his daughter through trying to get the perfect costume.

DC’s Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun is now available at comic shops everywhere.

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