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We here at Comic Watch want to highlight and support those projects across the various platforms, especially those projects that still need a push along with those stretch goals.

Below is a brief synopsis of the project; for more details and to support the projects, click on the link to the campaign page.

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Sherlock Holmes as never before Who is War Lion Sixth Gunn celebrates 15 years MURDER. DEATH. KILL.

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Current Funding: $3,075Funding Goal: $5,000Days Left: 26

Link: Sherlock Holmes and The Empire Builders – The Gene Genie Volume One

When Watson leaves Holmes to help Crick unravel the DNA helix and finds himself in the employ of England’s most evil man, Holmes is forced to team up with an unlikely group to defeat this monstrous figure and return England to its status quo. With your support here we can get the first part of this exciting graphic novel out to readers!

Testing the waters with three shorts which ran in Tripwire magazine, we felt that now was the time to debut this in its own graphic novel series. This will be a hardcover with a dust jacket running at 88 pages with 68 pages of story (much of which will be new material) plus character sketches, script pages and an interview offering extra information on the series.

— — — —

Current Funding: $1,775Funding Goal: $4,000Days Left: 13Link: Event Horizon

Ayumi Klein is just an ordinary girl until she discovers that she is the vessel for a cosmic deity. As she struggles to embrace her destiny and learn about her true heritage, Ayumi must become the beacon of hope and light that Earth desperately needs. Along the way, she teams up with seven heroes, including the vigilante Grey-Wolf and the wizard Nero Helsing, who will help her defeat the cosmic conqueror and his armada that threaten to destroy the planet.

If you’re a fan of epic comic book events like DC Comics’ Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, or Catalyst Prime Seven Days, or enjoy sprawling universes like The Massive Verse, then Event Horizon is the comic for you. We’re building an expansive and diverse universe that pays homage to past tropes while paving the way for fresh and exciting stories. Join us on this journey and be a part of something special!

With stunning artwork and an epic storyline, this 30-page comic is a must-read for anyone who loves action, adventure, and the thrill of the unknown. Join Ayumi on her journey to save the world and become a hero in your own right by backing our project on Zoop today!

The New Era team embarked on this adventure with a simple goal in mind: to create the comics we love with a modern level of diversity that we feel is missing in mainstream comics today. We want to highlight diverse groups and black and brown voices while also building something that’s for everyone and easily accessible. We’ve worked hard to put together a unique, new, and exciting universe that we believe you’ll love. By backing us, you’ll not only be supporting independent creators, but you’ll also be helping to bring a new level of representation to the comics industry.

— — — —

Current Funding: $921Funding Goal: $4,000Days Left: 12Link: A Never-Ending Adventure

A Never-Ending Adventure is a one-shot story of Mark Bear, a young Latino struggling to keep his head straight. A former corporate worker turned comic book writer, Mark needs to think of a winning idea to make a living from his passion. But his -undiagnosed- ADHD disperses his thoughts and ideas, and the modern culture of fast stimuli doesn’t help. Therefore, we will follow a day of his life, trying to accomplish his goals by having great adventures, which include trips to his past and foreign lands. Will he be able to write a comic book by the last page?

We will focus on exploring Mark’s thoughts in the form of a fantastic adventure and the Latino approach to mental health. We will show Mark’s struggle with distractions, disappointing loved ones, and dealing with imposter syndrome. The book will feature a series of side stories, with different art styles and artists, spawning from Mark’s main story, that shows how his head works and how he easily transitions from one thought to another. With your help, we will make this book about career change, mental health, creating comics, and epic quests a reality!

— — — —

Current Funding: $1,054Funding Goal: $4,500Days Left: 20Link: Milestone #2

Spinning directly out of Spider-Squirrel Volume One comes MILESTONE! Imagine an individual with the cosmic power of the Silver Surfer and the loneliness & guilt of Daredevil, with the universe hanging in the balance of his decisions!

Cole Morgan is the most powerful man in the universe, and it was not an accident. Now, the GodQuest has begun and Cole is caught in the crosshairs of an ancient war that was long-thought over.

For fans of: Ron Marz and Ron Lim’s run on Silver Surfer, John Byrne’s run on Superman, and/or individuals looking for fresh, superhero content. If you like capes or comics or heroic adventures, this book is for you! Milestone was created by Charlie McElvy, and designed by Drew Moss, and Published by Xion Studios

— — — —

Current Funding: $24,395Funding Goal: $10,000Days Left: 5Link: Stardust the Super Wizard, Hardcover Anthology

The project is spearheaded by writer and Stardust enthusiast Van Jensen, who has enlisted an all-star roster of creators to contribute stories, including Mike Allred, who supplies the cover artwork and an interior story, Francesco Francavilla, Pete Woods, Ron Marz, Zander Cannon, Cecil Castellucci, Jay Baruchel, Jesse Lonergan, Jeff Parker, Tom Fowler and dozens of others!

Behold! The strongest, boldest, bat$#!%iest superhero who ever lived is returning! Stardust the Super Wizard, the madcap Golden Age character created by Fletcher Hanks, has fascinated generations of comics readers since he first appeared in Fantastic Comics #1 in 1939. Now, an all-star team of artists and writers are bringing Stardust back in this epic anthology!

The anthology also will feature the first-ever comics story by Ian Hanks, the grandson of Fletcher Hanks, and an accomplished fine artist.

This project has been a labor of love from creators who genuinely have a soft spot in their heart for Stardust. Originally debuting in 1939, Stardust appeared in just 16 issues, which were later re-printed by Fantgraphics. But that was not enough for Jensen, who took it upon himself to rally the troops and put more Stardust out into the world!

— — — —

Current Funding: $3,170Funding Goal: $4,000Days Left: 12Link: Comics from the Kitchen

This is a unique combination cookbook/comic anthology that not only captures 20+ amazing stories, many of which are taken right from their creators’ memories, but it also includes delicious recipes, from comfort foods like Alberto Valesco’s lasagna, to family recipes like Jimmy Gaspero’s dad’s meatballs, to decadent desserts like Rowena Zahnrei’s cannoli cream layer cake, and international recipes like Wren Rios’ pinchos del puente.

We all know that food has a very profound effect on our lives, specifically on memories. Maybe it’s walking into the kitchen and smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it’s the meal you had at that Michelin-starred restaurant. Maybe it’s the bowl of ramen that you ate every night in college. This anthology is dedicated to all of the food memories that we’ve made and the people who have helped us make them.

This project is not only a full-blown comic anthology, but it’s also a bonafide cookbook! Each story includes a recipe that coincides with the contents of the comic. We have comics that range from autobiographical to post-apocalyptic, recipes for everything from meatballs to banana bread to fried boniato, but no matter the genre, they are all made with a deep love of food. So whether you like comics, you like to cook, or you just like food, give us your support! With your help, we can make sure that the world gets a chance to see these amazing recipes and even better comics.

— — — — — —

Previously featured campaigns still running and unfunded:

Space Monkey Knights Go! #1 — 12 Days Left 60% Funded

Previously featured, fully funded Kickstarters Worth A Look:

The Shadow Over Innsmouth — 6 Days Left Sticky Pages — 16 Days Left Our Con Means Death 2023 — 5 Days Left SAINTED LOVE: A gay science-fiction adventure comic 11 Days Left Mr. Lovenstein Presents: FEELINGS — 18 Days Left Horus in Hell #1 — 6 Days Left Soma City #1 — 2 Days Left ?TSURUGI?High Fantasy WLW Romance — 12 Days Left


From creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, the Eisner Award-nominated SIXTH GUN saga returns with a bounty of exclusive offerings!

Current Funding: $84,295Funding Goal: $10,000Days Left: 26Link: The Sixth Gun Reborn by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

After nearly 15 years, more than 60 issues, and a landslide of critical acclaim, the longest running creator-owned series in the history of Oni Press lives again on Kickstarter with a brand-new campaign setting the stage for the return of THE SIXTH GUN from co-creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt in 2025!

It all starts here with THE SIXTH GUN DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY – debuting exclusively on Kickstarter with four, masterfully upgraded hardcover volumes collecting the totality of the bullet-riddled action epic that CBR calls “a modern comic book classic”…plus, over the course of this campaign, up to three ALL-NEW prelude one-shots leading into Bunn and Hurtt’s upcoming return with THE SIXTH GUN REBORN in 2025, just in time for the series’ 15th anniversary.

— — — —

Coffin Comics’ All-New Lady Satanus #1: Sinister Urge!

14 Bonuses Added!?? First Chapter! All New! 48 Pages of Story & Art! Set in NYC in the Summer of 1977! Jump on Board! #SWORN

Current Funding: $201,107Funding Goal: $10,000Days Left: 13Link: Coffin Comics’ All-New Lady Satanus #1: Sinister Urge! By Brian Pulido, Mike Maclean, & Omar Zaldivar

Expelled from hell, Lady Satanus, the devil’s half-human daughter, finds herself powerless and alone on the mean streets of New York City during the summer of 1977, targeted for death by every demon criminal in the city who wants to make a name for themselves. Against all odds, Lady Satanus dares the impossible: to conquer the untouchable Lucian and Drusilla Sargatanus, the powerful and perverse demon crime lords who have an iron grip on the city’s underworld, and to crown herself New York City’s crime boss. The only thing in her way?

Absolutely everyone and everything. Lady Satanus: Sinister Urge #1 is the first chapter in the epic Lady Satanus storyline, from writers Brian Pulido, Mike Maclean, art by Omar Zaldivar, and colors by Hedwin Zaldivar.

— — — —

Into the Deep: A Submerged Space Opera

Imperial Wayfinder Kor must fight back against the empire that created her and defend the ocean against its bloodthirsty new Imperator.

Current Funding: $3,128Funding Goal: $2,000Days Left: 19Link: Into the Deep: A Submerged Space Opera by Reed Hinckley-Barnes & Felipe Trindade

The old Imperator is dead! And the new Imperator is out for blood. The only thing that stands between him and conquering the entire ocean is an ex-Imperial agent and a pair of down on their luck scoundrels.

Into the Deep follows Kor, an Imperial Wayfinder who uses The Current to receive visions of distant parts of the ocean, create weapons out of the water around her, and pilot her powerful Gravus Suit. With only the help of two down-on-their-luck scoundrels, a fast-talking charmer named Sai and a large Cepholopodian named Squid, Kor has to fight to save as many people as she can before the Imperium that she’s devoted her life to drowns the lot of them.

— — — —

Kindred Heavens Book One

A 104-page graphic novel about a girl who, against all odds, wants to live up to her father’s incredible legacy. The first of four!

Current Funding: $24,802Funding Goal: $1,000Days Left: 19Link: Kindred Heavens Book One

It is the early 1920s, and the world has been gripped by a new sport called “Windracing.” Using Wright-Brothers-esque machines, people race around crowded streets, kicking up dirt and cramming their wings together as they all compete for the glory of being number #1. ISABELLE VOIT, a fifteen-year-old mechanic working for the ailing PEGASUS, once the greatest racing company on the planet, believes it is up to her to win back the world’s favor after a series of stunning losses dealt by CERBERUS, a rival Windracing company.

KINDRED HEAVENS BOOK ONE tells the story of ISABELLE VOIT, a fifteen-year-old mechanic working for the ailing PEGASUS. While once the greatest racing company on the planet, a series of stunning losses dealt by CERBERUS has tanked the public’s opinion of them, and she believes it is up to her to win their favor back.

— — — —


An intense action story of betrayal and revenge! With ninjas, robots, and lots of blood!

Current Funding: $6,753Funding Goal: $2,000Days Left: 13Link: MURDER. DEATH. KILL. by Jim Hanna & Mike Macropoulos

The story begins with the ultimate betrayal of our hero, by her own ninja clan no less! When left for dead, who do you turn to? You turn to family of course. Rebuilt and remade into a cybernetic killing machine, she’s out for REVENGE and NO ONE will stand in her way.

MURDER. DEATH. KILL. Comes from two artists/friends JIM HANNA and MIKE MACROPOULOS wanting to work together and make the kind of comic they can be proud of.


If you love 70s Grindhouse cinema, 80s sci fi movies, and 90s Hong Kong cinema this book is for you! It has it all! Featuring a cybernetic Middle Eastern/Greek female protagonist chopping her way through NINJAS, giant CYBORGS, and ANYONE else that stands in her way of achieving ultimate REVENGE!

— — — —

My Neighbor Necromancer

Issue 1 of a fantasy comic about Necromancy!

Current Funding: $5,467Funding Goal: $10,000Days Left: 11Link: My Neighbor Necromancer by Dillon Gilbertson & Jason Piperberg

A curious and upbeat 12-year-old girl stumbles upon a cabin in the woods where she finds a friendly necromancer hiding with an ancient secret. But her presence has revealed his location and now she must learn to raise the dead herself to prevent the forces of evil from obtaining the ultimate power: the literal Hand of Death itself.

In this premiere issue, Jessie follows Bibbits (her best friend and pet flying lizard) into the woods when he is chased by a raven. But soon they find themselves in the middle of an ancient battle of the undead. Will they make it out alive? Or will they learn the hardest lesson of being a Necromancer’s apprentice?

— — — —

Simone & Ajax: What’s Black & White and Read All Over?

A collection of the early years of “The Adventures of Simone & Ajax,” the wacky adventures of a girl and her dinosaur pal.

Current Funding: $18,380Funding Goal: $10,000Days Left: 11Link: Simone & Ajax: What’s Black & White and Read All Over?

Simone, a fun-loving, 20-something girl, and her best pal, Ajax, a small, green dinosaur, first appeared over 30 years ago and have since run rampant in many comics and been nominated for the Harvey Award for Special Award for Humor. They’ve been described by a reviewer as “…like the best issues of Cerebus, and a mood that harkens Bone,” by a reader as “…the look of an Archie comic but the sensibilities of a Marx Brothers movie,” and compared to Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge comics that inspired Duck Tales.

Simone & Ajax first appeared in black & white stories in a variety of now hard to find comic books. But now, collected together for the first time in this 160-page book you can read Simone & Ajax from their very first story to their final B&W adventure 15 years later, including the 30-page epic tale of how our daring duo met.

— — — —

WAR LION #1-A Brutal Martial Arts Dystopian Epic

Tyranny trembles before the mettle and might of-WAR LION

Current Funding: $5,862Funding Goal: $7,500Days Left: 5Link: WAR LION #1-A Brutal Martial Arts Dystopian Epic

WAR LION is a dystopian martial arts epic about an old warrior returning to the city he once fought to protect to pass on his legacy to his daughter and settle the score with the vicious tyrant that destroyed his life.

WAR LION is a 3-issue miniseries where each single issue book will be 48-pages in length. It is heavily inspired by different martial arts styles and practitioners who have influenced me throughout my life. As a lifelong student of different styles myself, I worked with my production team to choreograph intense sequential action scenes like the two you see here.

— — — —

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