The comic event Crisis on Infinite Earths wasn’t just another comic event for DC Comics. Instead, it was a way to acknowledge all that came before and set a new path for what was needed for people to jump into their comics multiverse with a fresh start. Over the years, that Crisis has led to multiple subsequent events and adaptations, including the legendary Arrowverse adaptation that still mostly holds up today. But more recently, an animated take has been developed in multiple parts, with Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Three getting its official trailer today.

In it, we see the aftermath of the second part, where the remaining multiverse heroes are in “The Bleed,” and the Anti-Monitor is still on its quest to wipe everything out. To try and save everything, they’ll have to go farther than they’ve ever gone before, bringing in more heroes, including John Constantine, and risk everything to defeat this all-encompassing threat:

Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Three will arrive soon on digital, and the first two parts are available now to watch.

 Justice League Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Three brings the animated version of the classic tale to an end with big reveals and cameos!  Read More