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James Gunn has shared a cryptic post of the original
logo, hinting at more classic inspiration for his upcoming DC reboot.

(2025) is currently filming and will kick off the new DCU when it hits theaters next year.
David Corenswet stars as the man of steel while Rachel Brosnahan will play Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult will play Lex Luthor.

In a cryptic move, director James Gunn has taken to his Instagram to post a caption-less photo of the original Superman logo from 1938. Of course, we know Gunn is overseeing the 2025 Superman film (as well as the whole DCU alongside Peter Safran), so this posting isn’t too out of the blue. Starring David Corenswet in the titular role, Superman is slated to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

So what is Gunn really getting at here? We have already been given a glimpse at the Superman costume’s logo, revealed in a set image also by Gunn. The logos are strikingly different, particularly with the hope (S) symbol we’ve all come to recognize. The colors have always remained consistent, however. Rachel Brosnahan, who plays Lois Lane in the film, has confirmed that there are various costumes and looks for the characters that Gunn sorted through. This makes sense as well, as heroes (and villains) in comic book films often go through various wardrobe changes throughout the story.

This Logo Calls Back to One of Superman’s Most Iconic Covers

Image via DC Comics

Perhaps more than anything, this post can further allude to the tone and themes of Gunn’s story with Superman. This logo appears emblazoned on Superman’s chest in his very first comic issue, Action Comics #1. The odds are that you’ve likely seen this iconic shot — comics fan or not. In the issue’s cover, Superman is seen lifting a green car out of the way of innocent bystanders. Outside of the obvious traits of DC’s Boy Scout, it wouldn’t be shocking if Gunn, who’s shown a knack for iconic imagery in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, calls back in a frame or sequence to this cover.

Who Stars in ‘Superman?’

Image via Jefferson Chacon

In addition to Corenswet and Brosnahan as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane respectively, an immensely impressive ensemble has been gathered for the DCU’s first film. Nicholas Hoult portrays the villainous Lex Luthor, while Isabela Merced (Madame Web), Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Edi Gathegi (X-Men: First Class), and Anthony Carrigan (Barry) portray new heroes of Hawkgirl, Guy Gardner/Green Lantern, Mister Terffic, and Metamorpho, respectively. Skyler Gisondo (The Righteous Gemstones) plays Clark and Lois’s sidekick at The Dailey Planet, Jimmy Olsen, while Wendell Pierce (Jack Ryan) plays their editor, Perry White. Gunn recently cast two of the story’s integral characters, Ma and Pa Kent, with Neva Howell and Pruitt Taylor Vince, respectively.

While casting continues, Superman is currently filming, having begun last month. Stay tuned to Collider for all the latest on Superman, and check out Gunn’s Instagram post below:

Superman (2025)

Follows the titular superhero as he reconciles his heritage with his human upbringing. He is the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way in a world that views kindness as old-fashioned.

“}]] James Gunn has shared a cryptic post of the original Superman logo hinting at more classic comic inspiration for his upcoming DC reboot.  Read More