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Marvel’s August 2024 solicits topped the traffic again at Bleeding Cool, but today it’s time to head back to MCM London Comic Con Day Two.

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Day two at MCM London Comic Con en route to the ExCel Centre.
Marvel Comics dominates August 2024 solicitations on Bleeding Cool.
Catch up on comic shops’ status, Iron Man figures, and DC Multiverse.
Reflect on last year’s Marvel’s G.O.D.S. cast and comic industry updates.

Marvel’s August 2024 solicits and solicitations topped the traffic again at Bleeding Cool, but today it’s time to head back to MCM London Comic Con Day Two, so I am again writing this on the District Line, heading past Putney Bridge, before whizzing to the ExCel Centre. Where you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more. The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.

On the tube to MCM / Rich Johnston

Marvel Comics’ Full Solicits in yesterday’s Bleeding Cool

Marvel Comics’ Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2024
Turtles Of Grayskull & Anansi Boys in Dark Horse August 2024 Solicits
Jonny Quest #1 Launches in Dynamite August 2024 Solicits
Wheel of Fortune Contestant’s Guess Leaves Him Butt of The Joke
Stephanie Phillips’ Red Before Black #1 in Boom’s August 2024 Solicits 
Post Office Scandal Musical Cancelled by Paula Vennells-Related School
Iron Man and Hasbro Summon a New Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Figure 
Green Arrow Returns to the Island with McFarlane’s DC Multiverse
DC Comics Brings Back Tiered Promotions And Prices For Absolute Power
Hot Toys Unveils The Dark Knight Batman Armory and Bruce Wayne Set 

And a few other comic stories you may prefer

St John’s Original Crime Reporter, Jane Arden #1 at Auction
From MCM, The Number Of Comic Shops Has Not Gone Down In Ten Years
Retailer Slab/Signed/Variant Auction Tomorrow at MCM London Comic Con
Alan Moore’s Moon And Serpent Bumper Book Of Magic Is At The Printers
From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con 2024 To The Other (Video)
New Rogue Trooper Story In 2000AD/Rebellion August 2024 Solicits
Kids & Monsters, Popeye, Bernie Wrightson Massive August 2024 Solicits
Heading to MCM London Comic Con in The Daily LITG, 24th of May, 2024

LITG one year ago, The Cast Of Marvel’s G.O.D.S.

The Cast Of Marvel’s G.O.D.S. by Jonathan Hickman & Valerio Schiti
Image Comics Quits Diamond To Go Exclusive With Lunar Distribution
Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale “Storytelling”: New Images Released
What Happened After Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #18? Marvel Reveals All
Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe: AMC Invites You to “Night Island”
Diamond Comic Distributors Is Suddenly Very Busy With News
Roy Thomas Complains About Fire And Ice Comics, Dynamite Responds
Marvel Drops Retailer Discount on Foil Variants, Prices Push Up
Knightfall Batman Emerges from the Shadows with McFarlane Toys
War Machine’s Creator Len Kaminski Needs Your Help
The Good Omens Official (And Ineffable) Graphic Novel On Kickstarter
Swag From The Upcoming Dallas Diamond Comics Summit
A Girl On The Shore in Kodansha & Vertical August 2023 Solicits
Dead By Daylight To Debut At MCM London At Forbidden Planet Booth
Anne Rice Invites You in The Daily LITG, 24th of May, 2023

LITG two years ago, Mighty Morphin Non-Binary Power Rangers

The New Non-Binary Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, The Death Ranger
Night Court Star Melissa Rauch: “I Love This Cast”; Shares New Images
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Featurette Addresses Khan-La’an Link
The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Explains Why Tom Ellis Can’t Be THIS Lucifer
Nine Pieces Of Dark Crisis Gossip (Spoilers, Obviously)
Mountain Dew Will Be Bringing Back Its Typhoon Flavor
Jonathan Hickman’s Substack 3W3M Brings In Around $300,000 A Year
Officially #Dickkory In Today’s Teen Titans Academy #15
Action Comics Rewrites The DC Universe, Gives Them… Infinity Stones?
Shadow War, Dark Crisis And Filling In The Gaps (Spoilers)
Gods At The Urinal – Sparks Of Chaos #1 in CEX August 2022 Solicits
Benjamin W Morse Writes/Draws August #1 From Red 5 Comics in August
Teen Titans Academy’s George Pérez Character Appears One Last Time
Is Teen Titan Matthew Price, Darkseid’s Bastard Grandson?
The Elizabeth Line Will Transform This Week’s MCM London Comic Con
Mighty Morphin Non-Binary Power Rangers In Daily LITG, 24th May 2022

LITG three years ago – It’s All About Volumes

Turning The Volume Back Down To One – The Daily LITG, 25th of May 2021DC Comics To Restart Batman and Superman Collections From Vol 1 Again
New Premium Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Figures Arrive
The Umbrella Academy Star Elliot Page Styling, Profiling & Smiling
Funko Reveals New Spooky Marvel Comics Pops For Funkoween
Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Announcing TV Deals in a Couple of Weeks
Spawn Universe, Image’s Best-Seller in 25 Years – Until King Spawn #1
Relive Transformers: The Movie With New Figures Coming From Hasbro
First Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel Super-Heroes #18, At Auction
Hulk vs. Doom in a Battle of Egos – Maestro War and Pax #5 [Preview]
Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic Gina Carano Collateral Damage?w
Historic Wally Wood Shock SuspenStories #6 Cover Art Heads to Auction
Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 8 Preorders Explode After Miura’s Death
Boom Studios’ Buffy Now in Continuity with TV and Dark Horse Seasons
DC Comics Launches Second Lobo Team-Up Title, Superman Vs Lobo
Some Thoughts On The Knights of Heliopolis
Penguin Random House To Offer Comic Book Supplies To Comic Stores
DC Publishes 4 Comics on Free Comic Book Day – Batman & King Shark
Varian Johnson, Daniel Isles Remake Scott Free, Mister Miracle for DC
Green Arrow Stranded by Brendan Deneen & Bell Hosalla Moves to 2022
Black and White Back For Black Mask August 2021 Solicitations
Mark Russell’s Deadbox Launches in Vault Comics August 2021 Solicits
X-O Manowar and Ninjak Continue In Valiant August 2021 Solicits
Weeabo, Guide to Consent and Rick & Morty in Oni August 2021 Solicits
Michael Cohen’s Tangled River in It’s Alive August 2021 Solicitations
Transformers On The Move – The Daily LITG, 24th of May 2021

LITG four years ago – 13 Reasons Why James Patterson

Bleeding Cool continued to report from the comics industry shutdown, as it starts to ramp up, but yesterday’s eyes were elsewhere with James Patterson bringing real fame to comic books.

13 Reasons Why Graduating Class Yearbook Pics Hold Clues and Secrets
James Patterson, World’s Best-Selling Author, Writing Graphic Novel
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Dance Holds Up Nicely to The Original
X Of Swords Creation Followed by Stasis and Destruction – Maybe
Civilization VI Is Free On The Epic Games Store, Crossplay With Steam
Warhammer 40,000: Games Workshop Announces 9th Edition Rules
DC Tells Diamond Retailers That Comics Will Be Late
Peter Parker’s Original Response to the Return of Gwen Stacy
Nightmare Before Christmas Gets “Best Of” Figures from Diamond
Diamond Comic Distributors, Now With Added Bubble Wrap

Comic book birthdays today

Comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

Barry Windsor-Smith, creator of Weapon X, Storyteller, Young Gods, Monsters
Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo.
Sal Velluto, artist on Power Pack, Moon Knight, Flash and The Phantom.
Marc Hempel, creator of Gregory, artist on Sandman.

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Maurice Whitman is one of the most underrated artists of the late Golden Age, and his Jumbo Comics covers are stand-out examples of his work.

“}]] Marvel’s August 2024 solicits topped the traffic again at Bleeding Cool, but today it’s time to head back to MCM London Comic Con Day Two.  Read More