Green Lantern‘s return to the forefront of Warner Bros.’s live-action DC franchise has gained more tangibility with news that the property has landed writers for its upcoming TV series. The show had long been in development before the change in leadership and creative direction at DC.

Per Gizmodo, directories for the WGA reveal the writers on board to pen the Green Lantern TV series. Perhaps the most recognizable name on the list is Damon Lindelof, responsible for creating and serving as the showrunner on DC’s Watchmen. Chris Mundy, showrunner, executive producer, and recurring writer for Netflix’s Ozark, will be part of the writer’s room, which will also include Justin Britt-Gibson (Counterpart), Breanah Gibson (executive story editor on The Penguin), and Vanessa Kelly (The Morning Show).


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More writers could potentially join the group for Lanterns WGA’s writers’ page listsas a 2024-2025 show. It remains unclear at the stage who will serve as Lanterns’ showrunner, a position previously held by Seth Grahame-Smith, whose 2022 departure came shortly after James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed power at DC Studios.

In addition to the well-received 2019’s Watchmen, Lindelof has also created and helmed several critically acclaimed television shows, such as ABC’s science fiction drama series Lost, HBO’s supernatural drama series The Leftovers, and Peacock’s science fiction limited series Mrs. Davis. Lindelof’s movie credits include Cowboys & Aliens, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, and Tomorrowland.


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Gunn recently shared an image of Green Lantern’s fistwith its power ring in use on social media. The DC Studios bossdid not provide a caption, leaving the post open to fan speculation. Gunn, known for sharing artwork of his favorite comic book characters, may just have wanted to share that particular image. Still, the captionless image has sparked rumors of an imminent on-screen project. Sara Sampaio, who plays Eve Teschmacher in Gunn’s Superman movie, added fuel to the fire by simply commenting, “Spoiler!!!!!!” in reaction to the director’s post.

Gunn also debunked rumors swirling around another DCU TV project, Booster Gold. Production List recently reported that the series would begin production in Los Angeles on July 8, 2024, but Gunn quickly dismissed the report. In a comment on Instagram, the DC co-head wrote, “Although we’re still working on Booster Gold, production isn’t imminent, and that story/posting is completely false.”

DC’s Lanterns TV series is yet to schedule a release date.

Source: Gizmodo


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