In a preview for
Green Arrow
#11, Ollie and the Arrow Family take on holographic duplicates of the Justice League.
During the fight, Green Arrow shows off the skills needed to be an effective leader for the Justice League.
Green Arrow led the Justice League once before, and has proven he what it takes to succeed.

Warning: contains potential spoilers for Green Arrow #11!

For a brief period, Green Arrow led the Justice League, and his recent fight with holographic versions of them proves he was born to be the leader. In a preview for Green Arrow #11, the Emerald Archer and the Arrow Family take on duplicates of the Justice League while trying to retrieve a special mask. Ollie’s leadership during the conflict demonstrates his leadership prowess once again.

DC Comics shared a preview for Green Arrow #11 with AIPT. The book will be written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Sean Izaakse, Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur, and opens with Green Arrow fighting holographic hard-light constructs of the Justice League sent by the Sanctuary. During the fight, Green Arrow makes several pointed references to his time with the League, quipping that this is “hardly the first time” he has angered the team.

Using a suction cup arrow, Green Arrow is able to retrieve the mask before more holographic reinforcements arrive.

Green Arrow Has Been With the Justice League Through Thick and Thin

Green Arrow Has Many Desirable Leadership Traits

Green Arrow has a long history with the Justice League. One of the first heroes to be admitted after the team was founded, Green Arrow joined in 1961’s Justice League of America #4. He has become a fixture of the team, appearing in several different incarnations, even through the financial ups and downs he has experienced. Green Arrow’s hot-headed attitude has led him to more than a few conflicts with his fellow Leaguers. Yet Green Arrow’s prowess with his bow, as well as his empathy, have made him an ideal Justice League member.

Green Arrow’s stint with the Justice League reached its apex during Brian Michael Bendis’ stint writing the team. Green Arrow served as the Justice League’s leader, and used his vast financial resources to help fund their missions. Yet money alone did not make Green Arrow an ideal leader for the Justice League. Green Arrow is a highly proficient fighter, both in hand-to-hand combat and with his never-ending array of trick arrows. In the preview for Green Arrow #11, both of these are put to the test as Ollie fights the holographic Justice League clones.


DC Is Revisiting a Pivotal Green Arrow Story (With the Perfect Twist)

The shocking turn of events at the start of Green Arrow #8 sets up a direct parallel between the current arc and one from over twenty years ago.

Green Arrow Marshaled the Arrow Family Like an Amazing Leader Would

The fight in Green Arrow #11’s preview should dispel any notion that Oliver Queen is not fit to lead the Justice League. While Green Arrow was not fighting the real League, these duplicates still had powers. Green Arrow was able to not only outfight each one of the duplicates, but also actually accomplish the mission he came for. His fighting ability is only one part of it, as he skillfully rallied the Arrow Family together. Green Arrow served as a tactician as well. Green Arrow has once again silenced his haters, showing why he was ideal to lead the Justice League.

Source: AIPT

Green Arrow #11 is on sale April 23 from DC Comics!

Green Arrow #11 (2024)

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Sean Izaakse, Phil Hester & Eric Gapstur Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Letterer: Troy Peteri Cover Artist: Sean Izaakse

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