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Funko and DC have partnered to release exclusive figures of Big Barda and Harley Quinn at New York Comic Con 2023. Big Barda stands at 4.4 inches tall and features her iconic battle armor, paying homage to her history since 1971. The Harley Quinn figure, standing at 4.2 inches, reflects her appearance in the Max animated hit and celebrates DC’s 100th anniversary. Both figures will be available for $15.

Less than a month remains until the 2023 edition of New York Comic Con which means tons of reveals and footage from the most prominent upcoming shows, films, and comics, panels galore, and, exclusive collectibles aren’t far off. Funko and DC have paired up this year for some figures highlighting one of the comic universe’s unsung superheroines and one of its most recognizable faces. Collider can exclusively reveal that Big Barda and Harley Quinn are the newest additions to the Pop Heroes line and will be available for purchase at the convention from October 12 through 15.

The Big Barda figure stands at 4.4 inches tall and features the mighty warrior in full battle armor complete with her red and gold headpiece as she stands ready for battle. One of the New Gods from the hellish world of Apokolips, she quickly defects to become a powerful ally to the Justice League throughout the comics. Most notably, however, she sparks a long and loving relationship with Mister Miracle. Both Barda and Mister Miracle have had their fair share of screen time in DC animated films and series and very nearly appeared in a New Gods film from Ava Duvernay, but they have yet to make their live-action debut. That may change under James Gunn and Peter Safran who are pulling from all corners of the comic universe for their upcoming slate of films. Until then, this Big Barda figure pays homage to the long history of the character since her creation by Jack Kirby and first appearance in 1971.

By contrast, Harley Quinn needs no introduction. The gleefully unhinged DC fan favorite is firmly entrenched as one of the company’s most popular characters, elevating beyond simply being Joker’s sidekick to appear in multiple live-action films played by Barbie star Margot Robbie, video games including the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and her own massively successful adult animated series which follows her misadventures after breaking up with the Clown Prince of Crime. Her new Pop! figure is closer to her appearance in the Max animated hit, standing at 4.2 inches and depicting her leaning on her mallet and winking at any onlookers. The new collectible also celebrates DC’s 100th anniversary.

Both DC convention-exclusive figures will be available for purchase for $15 and will come labeled with a special 2023 NYCC sticker or 2023 Fall Convention sticker on the box. For those who can’t attend and will miss out on the NYCC exclusives, you can find them on eBay – Funko’s preferred shop for resales. Funko and eBay have both reaffirmed their commitment to supporting their Funatics community and ensuring product authenticity. In addition to picking it up at NYCC, the Big Barda figure will also be available at GameStop

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Companies are already starting to unveil their plans for the Big Apple-based convention and this year promises some heavy firepower. Apple will have some highlights in the first half of the convention, promising new looks at For All Mankind Season 4 and the highly anticipated adaptation The Changeling. Their main event, however, will be the premiere of the first episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a new series in the MonsterVerse starring Kurt and Wyatt Russell set after 2014’s Godzilla. Paramount+, meanwhile, has Good Burger 2, Star Trek, and Evil set to make big appearances while the inaugural “Peak Screaming” interactive horror event takes place at the Pavilion at the Javits Center on Saturday, October 14.

Pick up the exclusive Pop Heroes Big Barda and Harley Quinn at NYCC from October 12 through 15 or afterward on eBay, the trusted resale site for Funko. Check out the collectibles below.

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