Flash’s world is turned upside down when he is reunited with his long-lost daughter, Judy Garrick, and her return alters the history of the Scarlet Speedster. Judy’s reintroduction into the timeline reveals that she was the first legacy speedster, displacing Barry Allen as the original Flash’s successor. While Barry remains an important member of the Flash family, Judy’s presence shifts the Flash Family lore as she reclaims her place in DC history. Fans can find out more in Justice Society of America #6.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Justice Society of America #6!Everything has just changed for the Flash thanks to the DC Universe’s newest speedster. A heartwarming reunion makes huge alterations to history and revamps the legacy of the Scarlet Speedster.

In Justice Society of America #6 by Geoff Johns and Marco Santucci, the Society discusses the recent actions of the time-traveling Nazi Per Degaton and how his attack on the timeline has affected things. As Mister Terrific contemplates consulting the Time Masters, the Justice Society is interrupted by a trio of heroes: Stargirl, Hourman, and the Golden Age Flash’s lost daughter, Judy Garrick. For the first time in decades, the father and daughter share an emotional hug.

Stargirl notes that the moment the two speedsters come into contact, the world suddenly remembers Judy Garrick, aka the Boom, the Flash’s original sidekick. Stargirl recounts how Judy got her powers, suddenly remembering that the Boom became a speedster in an experiment by supervillains trying to recreate the accident that gave the Flash his superspeed. Judy and Jay talk at an incredible speed, catching up on everything they’ve missed. The two jet off to the Flash’s home to reintroduce the Boom to her mother.

Flash’s Daughter Continued Jay’s Legacy Long Before Barry Allen

Jay Garrick may be one of the Flash Family’s elders, but he and his wife Joan never had any children of their own. At least, that’s what the world believed. The recent miniseries Stargirl: The Lost Children revealed that Judy Garrick was pulled out of the timestream by a villain known as the Childminder, who used the young speedster’s Speed Force energy to open a portal to the 853rd century. Thankfully, Stargirl rescued Judy and other kidnapped sidekicks, giving some of them a chance to reunite with family.

The Boom’s return to the DC timeline is obviously having a big effect on Flash history particularly for the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. Now that history recalls Judy Garrick, that means she was the first legacy speedster instead of Barry. Barry admired Jay growing up and decided to carry on the Golden Age hero’s name when Barry developed speed powers. But with the Boom being wedged back into history, it means Barry wasn’t the first to follow in Jay Garrick’s footsteps, but the second. The Boom has done the impossible and displaced Barry Allen as the first Flash’s legacy.

The Flash Now Follows the Boom in DC Lore

The Flash Family is one of the longest and most impressive legacies in the DC Universe. While nothing stops Barry from being the second hero to don the Flash mantle, Judy’s reintroduction does change things considerably. Instead of Barry being the one to rekindle and revitalize the legacy Jay left behind, Barry’s now following after Judy. It doesn’t take away from the many achievements Barry earned as the Scarlet Speedster. Judy’s just switching the Flash Family lore a bit as she reclaims her place in DC history. Fans can see more of what effects this new Flash has on history in Justice Society of America #6, on sale now.

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