Ed Natividad, who’s worked as a concept artist on some major big-budget films, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” and the DC Extended Universe’s “Blue Beetle,” has shared some early concepts for the work he did on Ezra Miller’s “The Flash” costume.

The art features a new twist on the Jim Lee and Cully Hamner-designed New 52 costume. Instead of yellow lightning bolt-esque lines accenting the sides of his mask, the abandoned look featured a different, monochromatic design, including a prominent U-shape across the forehead instead of the more abstract pattern Ezra ultimately wore. The ear caps look less like lightning bolts and are much straighter; the suit has a different texture with more pronounced lines, especially on the back; and Barry sports a bolder pair of golden boots. One of the most significant changes is seen on The Flash’s crest — the concept art’s lightning bolt on the center of his chest faces an alternate direction, extending slightly further toward his neckline.

The costume seen in “The Flash” was a somewhat unique take on the hero’s iconic look. But, as revealed by Natividad’s artwork, the suit could have been much different. The final movie suit looks more dynamic, and the details — such as the lightning elements on the mask — better fits the speedster character’s qualities. While the concept art shows a fine but somewhat unorthodox Flash suit, Miller’s Flash costume was a solid middle ground between being comic-accurate and forging something new in live-action.

 Ezra Miller got a costume upgrade for the solo Flash film, and newly revealed concept art shows how the DC hero nearly returned with a different look.  Read More