DCeased is getting its very own board game. CMON announced that it would be publishing a new DCeased board game that uses its popular Zombicide game engine. No details were provided about the game’s launch other than that it would be the next project CMON would launch on Kickstarter. A teaser video was posted to YouTube over the weekend along with the pre-launch page for the Kickstarter.

CMON previously launched a Marvel Zombies board game that also used the Zombicide game engine, with multiple expansions that added various Marvel heroes and villains as either survivors or as zombie abominations. That Kickstarter raised nearly $9MM, with the base game coming to retail earlier this year. It’s likely that DCeased will have a similar scope to Marvel Zombies, with multiple expansions planned that explore different areas of the DC Universe.

While this is the first full-sized DC Comics game published by CMON, the publisher has previously released several DC-themed Zombicide character packs meant to be used in the base game that were based on the Dark Nights: Metal series, which pitted the Justice League against a variety of evil Batman from across the multiverse.

Originally created by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine, DCeased is an Elseworlds tale in which Earth is quickly infected by a virus version of the Anti-Life Equation, which transforms most of DC’s heroes and villains into zombies controlled by the virus itself. The Anti-Life Equation could not only infect people through traditional means (such as zombie bites) but it also used technology to infect hundreds of millions of people at once. A number of mini-series sequels and spin-offs were published since DCeased’s initial publication, all of which have been written by Taylor and drawn by Hairsine.

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