Stephanie Brown’s portrayal as Batgirl is often overlooked, but cosplayer pixiequinncosplay brings her to life beautifully. Stephanie Brown’s time as Batgirl was cut short and erased from continuity, but she remains a fan-favorite character. Although it’s uncertain if Batgirl will appear in James Gunn’s DCU, having Stephanie Brown in the role would be a bold and exciting choice.

DC’s most underrated Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, is ready for the movies, and an awesome new cosplay proves it. The Barbara Gordon incarnation of Batgirl was set to make her live-action debut as part of the original DCEU, but the film was shelved. While the DCEU is now gone, there is a possibility Batgirl could return as part of James Gunn’s DCU–and cosplayer pixiequinncosplay shows how to bring Stephanie Brown to life.

Pixiequinncosplay unveiled the photo in a post to Instagram. For a brief period of time, Stephanie Brown was Batgirl and pixiequinncosplay has brought this incarnation of the character to the real world. The photo, set in a parking garage, shows Batgirl approaching the viewer, throwing stars in her hands. The outfit is comic accurate as well, perfectly replicating her accessories and her utility belt.

Pixiequinncosplay’s outfit is so well done that it could have come straight from a movie set.

Stephanie Brown’s Stint as Batgirl Was Cut Short

Although Barbara Gordon may be the best known Batgirl, others have in fact held the title. Several years after the Joker injured Barbara, Cassandra Cain took up the mantle of Batgirl, holding it up until Batman’s seeming death at the hands of Darkseid during Final Crisis. Dick Grayson took over as Batman in the aftermath, and Stephanie Brown stepped into the role of Batgirl. A longtime ally of the Bat-Family, Stephanie, who also goes by the name Spoiler, served as Batgirl up through the New 52 reboot, which brought Barbara Gordon back to the forefront.

Since her creation, Stephanie Brown has been a fan-favorite character, and assuming the role of Batgirl was the next logical step in her character’s development. Although Dick Grayson was initially reluctant to bring her on, Stephanie proved herself worthy of the name “Batgirl.” Her time came to an end unceremoniously, and to add insult to injury, was erased from continuity. Coming between Cain’s tenure and Gordon’s high-profile return to the role did not help Stephanie either, and her stint as Batgirl is often overlooked. However, pixiequinncosplay remembers, and brings Stephanie Brown as Batgirl to spectacular life.


Even Robin Knows What Sets Stephanie Brown Apart From the Bat-Family

Stephanie Brown has a unique history among members of the Batman Family, and Robin is finally calling it out as much as comic book fans.

A Batgirl Film Starring Stephanie Brown Would Be A Big Swing for James Gunn’s DCU

The likelihood the Batgirl movie will ever see the light of day is slim, and James Gunn has not said if she would return as part of his DCU. If Batgirl were to appear in a future film, having Stephanie Brown in the role would be a bold choice on Gunn’s part, and pixiequinncosplay’s new shoot proves Brown is ready for the spotlight. Stephanie Brown’s time as Batgirl was short, and starring in a feature film is the perfect way to remind fans that she is the most underrated incarnation of the character.

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