Warning: contains spoilers for Birds of Prey #1!The DC Universe has no shortage of amazing fighters: characters such as Batman, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and Connor Hawke can defeat almost anyone, but they’re all playing for second place, with Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl in the top spot. It’s no wonder, then, that as Black Canary assembles a new Birds of Prey team, Cassie is the first recruit on her list. But even in her first appearance in the series, Batgirl goes beyond what any mortal should be able to survive.

Batgirl proves just how right Dinah is to choose her when she surprises fellow recruit Big Barda, and ends up on the receiving end of a god-level punch. Big Barda is a New God and as such has God-level strength and speed. Not only is Cassandra able to survive the hit, but Barda even points out that Cassandra managed to avoid most of it. This is something even the likes of Batman have never managed to do – taking a direct hit from a New God level threat without any protection, but surviving thanks to pure speed and skill. The feat occurs in Birds of Prey #1 by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles.

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Batgirl Survives a Direct Hit from a God

Black Canary is looking to save her sister from a terrible fate and in order to do this, she’s re-assembling the Birds of Prey. Because of how difficult saving Sin is going to be, Dinah has decided to recruit only the most deadly and terrifying people she can find. Her first recruit is none other than Cassandra Cain, someone that Dinah states is “the best of us” in regard to her fighting capabilities, saying she’d back her against any fighter in the world. Indeed, Cassandra Cain was literally born to be one of the greatest fighters on the planet. Her father, David Cain, raised Cassandra from birth to be the personal bodyguard of Ra’s al Ghul. As such, she was taught every form of combat as well as how to use pretty much every weapon known to man.

Batgirl Proves She’s the Ultimate Fighter

Cassandra’s skills are so great that Batman admits Cassandra Cain would beat him in a fight, and the US government classifies her as a superhuman-level combatant, despite her lacking any actual superpowers. Because of Cassandra’s unique training, she’s able to read body language as an actual language, allowing her to respond to the slightest motion of someone’s body. Apparently, this even applies to the New Gods. All the Bat-Family members have done ridiculous things in their time fighting crime, but Batgirl just raised the bar. She’s regularly dodged bullets by predicting where they’ll be fired, but shrugging off a hit from a god is a next-level boast.

All the Bat-Family members have something that they excel at, and the thing Cassandra has always truly been a master at is hand-to-hand combat. However, having the rest of the Bat-Family admire Cassie’s skill is one thing, but having her literally take a punch from a god is quite another. Birds of Prey promises to push its stars to their limit, but Batgirl has already proved that even on a team of gods and metahumans, no-one can doubt she belongs.

Birds of Prey #1 is on sale now from DC Comics!

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