The DC Universe is filled with incredible superheroes and terrifying villains, and we can’t help but think some of these characters deserve their own games.

If you knew nothing about DC superheroes, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Batman and the expanded Bat-Family were the only characters worthy of their own game. After all, there have been plenty of amazing Batman games released in recent years, but other DC heroes haven’t been so lucky.

Characters like The Flash, Wonder Woman, and even Green Lantern are just as iconic as the Dark Knight and his gaggle of adopted orphans, but they’ve been rather neglected by developers. Yes, we know they all made an appearance in the Injustice franchise, but we’re talking about solo efforts here, not being another face in a fighting game roster.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five DC heroes we believe have earned the right to their own game.

5. The Flash

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Every DC fan knows how lovable, intelligent, and incredibly fast The Flash is! Those three reasons should be more than enough to justify ‘the Fastest Man Alive’ getting his own game, but there’s so much more to The Flash than running fast.

The Flash boasts one of the most distinctive rogues galleries in all of comics, including iconic villains like Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master. Each of these characters has a rich and layered history with the Flash, and I believe an adaptation of any of their storyline would make a brilliant basis for a single-player story.

Imagine how cool it would be to play an Arkham-like title where you’re The Flash using Speed Force powers to take down villains. We’ve already got a taste of how impressive this could be through movies like The Flashpoint Paradox, so a game where players were allowed to squeeze into the Scarlet Speedster’s golden boots could be incredibly fun.

4. Green Arrow


On the surface, Green Arrow is a similar character to Batman, and the pair share a similar set of methods and morals, so a game featuring the DCU’s premier archer may seem a bit of a dull choice.

Yet beneath the superficial similarities, there’s a fundamental difference between the way Green Arrow and the Dark Knight operate. The Emerald Archer has a unique philosophy, essentially operating as a modern Robin Hood, which would present some really compelling story opportunities, while his archery skills and trick arrows could make the gameplay distinct from other superhero titles.

Honestly, I think Stephen Amell’s CW show did a great job of bringing Star City’s verdant vigilante, and fans loved it. So, if this hypothetical Green Arrow adventure could capture the spirit of that show, it would be a real crowd-pleaser.

3. Wonder Woman


Hailing from Themyscira, better known as the Island of the Amazons, Wonder Woman is a powerful hero and a founding member of the Justice League alongside the likes of Batman and Superman. Her status as a member of DC’s Trinity alone should justify her getting her own game, but Wonder Woman opens the door to the more magical side of the DC Universe, a world that’s often neglected.

Getting to play a Wonder Woman game that delves into the more mythical side of the character — Diana is no stranger to gods, monsters, and magic — could breathe some fantastical fresh life into the tech-obsessed superhero genre. Ideally, we’d want something similar to the wonderful God of War series from Santa Monica Studio that brilliantly balanced action-packed gameplay with a compelling story.

2. Green Lantern


Although we are yet to see a proper live-action adaptation of The Green Lantern (Yes, I’m ignoring 2011’s movie, sorry, Ryan Renolds), a title based on this DC character could fill the emerald void in diehard fan’s hearts.

In the comics, Hal Jordan and John Stewart are among the most popular human Green Lanterns, and a game where we get to know either of these space cops as they travel through the cosmos, busting sci-fi baddies, would be an amazing experience. In our wildest dreams, we imagine something like LA Noire, where Hal and John solve impossible cases and bring emerald justice to the galaxy.

Don’t go thinking this hypothetical game would be all paperwork, though. These ring bearers let no evil escape their might, and they regularly go up against some of the mightiest villains in the galaxy — including Brainiac, Sinestro, and the Red Lantern Corps — so there’d be plenty of action to break up the police work.

1. Superman


We know there have been plenty of Superman titles over the years, but they’ve been rubbish, and it’s about time we got a decent, dedicated Superman game. Insomiac’s Spider-Man series could be a great source of inspiration here. Imagine an open-world Metropolis (perfect for flying around) where you can take to the skies as the Man of Steel or switch to Clark Kent anytime you like. You could save the Earth and do investigative reporting at the same time!

We’d also love a game that took the time to explore the unique relationship between Superman and Batman. These two men developed a deep respect for each other, and if the Dark Knight made a cameo, well, you could take our money now. Really, though, the sky’s the limit with Supes, as he’s never really got his time to shine in the world of video games. The only thing we’d definitely want is access to all of his powers. Don’t just give us super strength and flight and then call it a day, if we’re playing as Superman we want to feel like Superman.

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 The DC Universe is filled with superheroes and villains from every corner of the multiverse and some undeniably deserve their own games.  Read More