There might be no one more celebrated as Batman than Michael Keaton. While he finally reprised his role as the Dark Knight in The Flash, fans have always appreciated his films. DC is celebrating that fact by bringing the man’s 1989 appearance back in a unique way.

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Batman was first released in 1989, helmed by macabre creator Tim Burton. While plenty of people were critical of how Burton portrayed Gotham and villains like The Joker, the film became an instant fan favorite. He would return to direct Batman Returns in 1992, though that would be the final time Burton would cover the hero.

Warner Bros. would pivot to Joel Schumacher, who began to give Batman a far more campy gloss, though Batman Forever is also still considered a fan-favorite. Everyone is patiently waiting to see the Schumacher Cut of the film, which has long been spoken about amongst DC fans.

Though Batman was initially given a film that followed the Adam West 1966 version of the character, it wasn’t until the 1989 Batman that fans saw what a comic-accurate adaptation could look like. The landmark film would start the world off on a series of adaptations that still continue. Matt Reeves is currently in charge of The Dark Knight in live-action.

Without the 1989 film, there might not have ever been a more serious take on Bruce Wayne, apart from the comics. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the film will be returning in a special way.

Credit: Warner Bros.

DC has been engaged in concert tours of the most popular films for quite a while, and now the company is adding the 1989 Batman to the list. Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger will return to the big screen in a new event that highlights the fantastic soundtrack from the film.

The tour will kick off in Los Angeles, California, at the Dolby Theater. Fans will watch the seminal film projected on giant screens while an orchestra performs the epic Danny Elfman-created soundtrack during the film. The tour dates that have been listed so far are:

1/13/24 Los Angeles, CA Dolby Theater

1/19/24 Washington, DC Warner Theater

1/20/24 Tampa, FL Straz Center

1/21/24 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theater

1/27/24 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater

2/2/24 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Center

2/3/24 Conway, AR Reynolds Hall

2/24/24 Flint, MI Whiting Auditorium

3/2/24 Newark, NJ NJPAC

3/9/24 Orlando, FL Dr. Phillips Hall

3/30/24 Portland, OR Keller Auditorium

4/27/24 Kansas City, MO Kansas City Music Hall

5/24/24 Paris, FR Le Grand Rex France

5/26/24 London, UK Barbican Center

It has also been announced that more tour dates will be added. Starting in early 2024, fans can watch this new epic concert while enjoying seeing the 1989 film on the big screen. For those of you who happened to be a baby when the film came out or weren’t even born, this is your chance to see the film in this special way. Ticketing information can be found at

The 1989 Batman film joins the pantheon of DC films that have been given the orchestra performance treatment, like the 2022’s The Batman, Justice League (2017), Black Adam (2022), The Flash, and more.

Fans are encouraged to dress as their favorite characters, and there will be chances for photo ops, giveaways, and more happening at these events. We hope Michael Keaton might surprise one or two dates and appear in person. After all, it is the 35th anniversary, and he returned to the Batman role in The Flash.

Credit: Warner Bros.

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He might have jumpstarted his love for the DC hero and wants to return to honor that fact. There have been rumors that Keaton was meant to return for a proposed Batman Beyond film, but that has since been debunked. Either way, DC fans would love to see the man appear as Bruce Wayne again in any capacity.

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