The current state of DC is a bit wonky, as everyone is patiently waiting to see what James Gunn can truly do with his new DCU reset. While we all patiently wait for the Superman: Legacy film to start the new DCU, it has been announced that a new Justice League trilogy is being worked on.

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The good thing about the DC Universe is that there is plenty of content to work with, and what has made the Batman-led comic company seem far superior to Marvel at times is that the company has found a way to deliver some excellent animated content. The MCU has been slowly working toward producing more shows, but it lacks in the animated department by a considerable margin.

Gunn has stated that he plans to interconnect his DCU with films, TV shows, and video games. We imagine that those will be animated and live-action. It has already been revealed that the Creature Commandos will contain a character planned to be in both live-action and TV ventures: Doctor Phosphorus.

Doctor Phosphorus is generally a Batman villain but has appeared in many DC ventures. If Gunn wanted to impress, he could allow whoever takes on the role of Doctor Phosphorus to appear in live-action and animated films and TV shows.

DC has made a fantastic animated collection that has existed outside the general universe, especially that of the Tomorrowverse. Warner Bros. has now officially announced that the Tomorrowverse is developing a new Justice League trilogy.

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The DC animated ventures have been quite good, especially those produced under the Tomorrwverse banner. So far, the animated universe has produced films like Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020), Batman: The Long Halloween (2021), and the newest R-rated venture, Justice League: Warworld.

Adding to their Justice League coverage, Mie Milo has updated his personal website, including his serving as animation director on the new trilogy entitled: ‘Justice League- CRYSYS I,’ ‘II’ and ‘III.'”

This reveal is even more exciting because the Tomorrowverse team will be adapting the ever-popular DC story, Crisis on Infinite Earths. While the Arrowverse more recently adapted this, this will be the first time that it’s handled in animation form. It will also be broken into three parts, which we imagine will be chock full of comic-accurate coverage.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is sort of the Secret Wars for DC. It deals with a changing point for the DC universe, as the timelines converge when the Anti-Monitor starts to destroy many realities so he can take dominion over them. Considering the animated universe has also been broken up, we imagine this might be the trilogy that leads directly into James Gunn’s DCU.

We got to speak to Justice League: Warworld producer James Kreig at San Diego Comic-Con–where he divulged that he hopes the Tomorrowverse inspires Gunn. We asked if the Tomorrowverse movies were leading to an eventual crossover into the DCU. Kreig states, “I think the movies yet to come, post-Tomorrowverse, will reflect the James Gunn universe. I hope.”

With Kreig’s comments at Comic-Con and the new Tomorrowverse Justice League trilogy tackling Crisis on Infinite Earths, we imagine these animated films will inform Gunn’s DCU direction.

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We hope that James Gunn plans to hire many of the animated team from the Tomorrowverse, as they have been producing some incredible films, and this new CRYSIS trilogy will likely be more of the same. DC can surpass Marvel if it creates a massive universe that spans animated, live-action shows and films into one vast story of continuity.

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