DC Comics Presentation at MCM London – Finest, Compact & Nicola Scott

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Dustin Kitchens, Sales Manager at DC Comics, showed some spine at the MCM London Comic Con today at the Diamond Retailer event.

DC Comics reveals new 500+ page DC Finest line at MCM London Comic Con.
Compact Comics editions scheduled, offering readable smaller-sized graphic novels.
Nicola Scott’s themed variant covers to extend through more DC properties in 2024.
More direct market exclusives and Batman Day celebrations announced by Dustin Kitchens.

Dustin Kitchens, Sales Manager at DC Comics, showed off the DC Finest line of collections at MCM London Comic Con today at the Diamond Retailer event, as a lot of bang for their buck, with 500+ page volumes priced between $34.99 – $44.99. But most importantly he showed off the spines.

Emphasising consistency for collectors, which, let’s be fair, has often been lacking, Maybe someone has been reading Bleeding Cool articles? I actually think they may have in this case. Dustin noted that people can even stack them in chronological order easily if they so wish.

As well as showing off the titles planned and scheduled…

And then announcing and showing off DC Finest Events: Zero Hour for the first time.

With a handy dandy timeline to boot. Just not the one they were planning the last time, obviously.

Then there were the DC Compact Comics line, and assurances that despite their size, they are very readable, and Dustin can attest to reading the Compact Watchmen with its nine-panel pages very easily.

And we got a list and a schedule for those as well… a number of which had also not been announced. But now have.

June 2024: Watchmen: DC Compact Comics Edition and Batman: The Court of Owls: DC Compact Comics Edition
July 2024: All-Star Superman: DC Compact Comics Edition and Far Sector: DC Compact Comics Edition
August 2024: Batman: Hush: DC Compact Comics Edition and Wonder Woman: Earth One DC Compact Comics Edition
September 2024: Joker: DC Compact Comics Edition and Harley Quinn & the Gotham City Sirens. DC Compact Comics Edition
October 2024: American Vampire Book One: DC Compact Comics Edition and Catwoman: Trail of the Catwoman: DC Compact Comics Edition

Dustin reiterated that DC would be leaning into techniques that have proven effective, will see DC reps coming to more in-person events in the UK like this one, and will be scheduling retailer zoom calls at a time that UK retailers can attend. Also:

Themed variant covers
Graphic Novel Backlist Sales
Direct Market Exclusive Covers
In-Store displays

DC Comics announced more facsimile comics coming, again, some of these for the first time.

Those would be:

Green Lantern #59 – the first Guy Gardner ahead of the Superman movie.
Detective Comics #400 – the first Man-Bat
Flash Comics #1
Batman #237 – a a high point in the O’Neil-Adams collaboration with characters based on Alan Weiss, Gerry Conway and Bernie Wrightson
Justice League of America #1

As well as Treasury Edition Facsimiles for Superman Vs Mohammad Ali, Superman/Wonder Woman and Batman

There will also be more direct market exclusive collected editions, such as the We3: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition and Batman: Off-World.

As well themed variant covers that get fans to collect them all. We know August has the DC Super Powers Action Figures (the action figure checklist on the back will list the other covers running these variants) …

…, and Batman 85th Anniversary covers, with a lot of love for Nicola Scott doing Adam West in a Dark Knight Returns cover pose.

But here is what else is coming for 2024.

September: Hispanic Heritage Month and Artist Spotlight: Nicola Scott
October: Halloween theme
November: an unnamed Artist Spotlight
December: Holiday Theme

Because, yes, DC is getting Nicola Scott to extend her Batman, Superman, Robin, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman covers that showed off every incarnation of the characters, to other DC properties, Black Canary, Zatanna, Aquaman and Harley Quinn.

Aren’t they great? Oh, and promising more trailer end cards on videos to show off comic books and comic shops… and recognising that these had boosted sales.

As well as a Joker standee bookshelf for comic book stores to go alongside the Batman one, ahead of the new Joker movie. But going for a more classic look.

And yes, lots of Long Halloween for Batman Day, alongside the release of the new Batman: The Last Halloween by Jeph Loeb, Klaus Janson, Eduardo Risso, Marck Chiarello and everyone, scooped earlier today and already blowing up on social.

Here’s how it looked…

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Dustin Kitchens, Sales Manager at DC Comics, showed some spine at the MCM London Comic Con today at the Diamond Retailer event.

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