A retcon of another retcon, as it is learned DC Comics has retconned gay Green Lantern Alan Scott into being blackmailed into the JSA by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

Instead of being a superhero and joining the JSA to fight bad guys, a preview for Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 by Tim Sheridan and Cian Tormey reveals that Hoover blackmails Alan Scott into joining the JSA through the use of photos that show the Green Lantern to be gay.

But that’s not all as apparently Hoover also wants to hook up with Alan Scott.

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1

JSA and the U.S. are bad

The character of Alan Scott has already been retconned into being gay, as in 2011 after 70+ years of existence, DC Comics changed the character into a gay man with the Earth-2 version, and did so again in 2020 with the original version.

Now with the upcoming release of Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1, the issue reveals that not only is Alan Scott blackmailed into joining the JSA, but that he never wanted to join the superhero team.

The the JSA, according to SuperHeroHype, “seems to be a propaganda machine for the American war effort.”

The site also points out that most of the origin stories surrounding the Justice Society of America “unite the heroes in the heat of battle,” and the site uses Secret Origins #31 as an example where the issue “suggests the team was gathered by Doctor Fate to stop Germany from bombing the United States.”

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1

J. Edgar Hoover blackmails Green Lantern Alan Scott with gay photos

Now that has all changed. The JSA are the bad guys, and Alan Scott is blackmailed into joining the team he never wanted to join. Wow.

Also, the U.S. in combating the Nazis and forming the JSA are apparently the bad guys, instead.

Hoover also either seems to be blackmailing Alan Scott into a sexual relationship – again – and/or that Alan Scott has previously participated in gay sex with mutual partners at the same time.

“Oh, also, we’re having a little get-together in Forest Hills this weekend. You’ll come. Clyde will give you the details on your way out. And Alan… Bring the combat boots,” says Hoover. “…If they still fit.”

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